Clarifying Interdiction Nullifier and Warp Core Stabilizer

After losing 50 million ISK last night hauling out of Zarzakh into low sec, I’d like to get some clarification on using these two items.

  1. When do you actually activate these? The interdiction nullifier has to be activated before you hit warp, from what I understand, but doesn’t seem to last nearly long enough to actually make it from one gate to the next. I think this is what killed me last night, as I got stuck in a bubble.

  2. For the Warp Core stabilizer, from what I understand, you want to activate it before getting scrammed so that you don’t drop out of warp.
    But even if you activate it after being scrammed it will still allow you to warp away. Correct?

  3. Even if I activate these items, they’re not guaranteed to work because they can be overpowered. Correct?

It’s an expensive lesson, but at least with clarification I can hopefully avoid more losses like this going forward.

  1. In EVE mechanics, the state at the start of the Warp is crucial (not the warp command, but also not the time you arrive). So you need some training when to start the nullifier effectively.
    Edit: On second thought also the warp command is already creating beacons etc… get yourself some Nereuses and try. Another hint: Warp bubbles are visible on D-Scan, so try to get close and check before warping directly. If it’s your regular route, set many bookmarks, preferably in a shuttle.

  2. Warp core stabilizer doesn’t help to prevent to drop out of warp, they only help to start warp. Alignment time is important!

  3. Not sure about multiple bubbles (i’d say it doesn’t matter how many bubbles there are), but it’s correct, multiple points mean your warp core stabilizer doesn’t help.

50m is not that expensive. Keep on experimenting, and some day you may be able to save your 1 b ISK hauler.

Some Info:


This is correct. Activate nullifier, warp to zero on gate and jump should get you out, unless lag (or smartbombs in case of squishy ships). The duration of the nullifier doesn’t matter when you are in warp. The target spot of your warp is calculated when you activate a warp command. Not sure why you died, did you by chance clicked the wrong module, or the nullifier was still in cooldown, and you missed that?


The killer: Violent Gravitational Instabilities | Ship | zKillboard
A Zarzakh special.

Edit: Looks like a catch bubble out of the safe perimeter of the gate. In the gravity hazard your hull gets destroyed quickly (shield and armour don’t help), especially when you’re not able to warp. I’d try to align where I came from and overheat the prop mod, this way burning out of the bubble the opposite way, and warp into safety to the aligned place as soon as I’ve left the bubble.

Some read:


Not possible in Zarzakh.

Generally the thought is along these lines (note: modify this depending on your fit and environment):

  • Push Align button, wait when 75% of top speed with direction vector within 15 degrees of warp direction
  • Push Warp Core Stabilizer and Push Interdiction Nullifier
  • Push Warp To Zero: Triggers whether you can warp (WCS affects this), computes a warp tunnel if so (Interdiction Nullifier affects this), and since you’re already aligned you’ll enter warp that tick.

The WCS is optional, as if you’re neither being targeted nor disrupted/scrammed, it’s not needed. If you’re scrammed, or double disrupted, so that you have 2 points of tackle on you then it’s useful. If they have 3 or more points (ex: a single faction scram), WCS won’t help you.

How the game engine works for the two modules:

  • WCS: Helps give you +2 points against getting disrupted / scrammed. Disruptors are -1, Scrams are -2, and faction variants can be more. The game determines whether you can have a warp tunnel computed. 0 or above stability? Yes. Negative warp stability? No.
  • interdiction Nullifier: Affects the warp tunnel computation. When the tunnel is computed, if this is active, the computation ignores bubbles. That’s it. Activating this does not trigger the game to compute a warp tunnel.

Then you first clicked „warp to“ and then only pushed your nullifier, which is an order of operations that renders the interdiction nullifier useless. You had a warp tunnel computed with no nullifier active.

The game engine only computes your warp tunnel when the „warp“ command is issued. It is only at that time it checks whether your interdiction nullifier is active. Pressing the Interdiction Nullifier does not tell the game engine to re-compute your warp tunnel.

Hope this helps.


Thank you all for the replies, this helps a lot.

I noticed you all say to click “Warp to Zero”; I’ve always been using the “Jump” command instead, particularly when using the MWD Cloak trick. Is this a potentially fatal mistake? I always assumed that jumping to a gate manually (not auto-pilot) took you to zero.

Jump command is fine and recommended, I‘m usually do that to avoid mistakes, in case I really want to jump immediately.

Thanks for the heads up

I can think of an example: If both sides of the gate are bubble-able (ex: Nullsec), and you used your Nullifier to go through a bubble on the near side gate (so it is now on cooldown), and as you exit warp and land on the gate you watch their interdictor jump through, you don’t really wanna jump through that gate in a Mammoth with a nullifier on cooldown knowing there’s an interdictor on the other side of the gate.

As to how common that kind of a situation is, is for you to assess and adjust your fit, cargo, route, and piloting accordingly. If you wish to.

Looks more and more like an anti-Wormhole :wink:

Just so you know, bubbles are possible in Zarzakh, just not the anchored version.
Interdictor bubbles are allowed.

The thing that isn’t possible is seeing those bubbles on Dscan, as your scanners are disabled in Zarzakh.

What Io said is true: you cannot see bubbles on Dscan in Zarzakh. Just not for the reason you thought.

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The Killmail already told me that a interdictor bubble and the magic mist killed the OP, so I already presumed Io Koval means D-Scan is crippled or even disabled there. This place is in some ways the opposite to the wormhole where D-Scan is a vital help and deepspace bookmarks safe ships, therefore my remark.
Is there also a lively local chat? Just asking…

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Delayed as in WH. And people are not removed when they leave Z (which may be a bug).

In wormhole space they are not removed either.

In Pochven they are, which is handy.

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Coming back to Eve after few years always grants you unpleasant surprises. Cause CCP forgot the golden principle - Better simple than clever. What was wrong with old stabs and nullifiers we will never know.

They didn’t involve active gameplay. CCP’s goal is to move most of passive effects to active play and counter-play. On the “plus” (subjective) side shuttles are now being inherently nullified.

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In my limited experience, Warp Core Stabilizers don’t work at all to the point I’ve stopped producing or buying them.
Align Time is the only savior.

Thank you for the other info.

They weren’t effective enough at getting ships exploded so CCP fixed that.

And forum posts like yours are the only warning they get so thank you.

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