Interdictor - OP?

Why do bombers need 12 sec to land a bomb while interdictor takes 0 sec to land a interdiction probe? Isnt it very OP to deploy bubble with instantly with absolutely no target time.

Both scrambler/warp disruptor need 2-5 sec target time to be able to lock a target. It doesnt make any sense for a interdictor like Sabre camping at the gate 24/7 and pop bubble the moment you break your gate clock.

What my suggestion is to add 5-10 sec activation delay for deploying bubble with interdiction probe launcher.


No. Go away.


Sure but only if cynos have a 1 minute delay.


You’d have to re-balance a lot of things for that to make sense. This would be a critical nerf to anybody trying to kill supers or titans, so some balance would have to be made to counter that.

I dont think titan can warp within 5sec.

This idea is fine, as long as explorers get a 5-10 sec delay to initiating warp. Ideas that are tailored to yourself are selfish, think of ideas that nerf your playstyle instead.

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You’d be amazed what can warp in less than 5 seconds when it’s aligned.

Besides, if the OP’s suggestion did become a thing, HICs would just get used more instead.

A Dictor pilot has to be 0 at the gate and trap himselfe with his own bubble. Or has to warp to the middle of the enemy fleet to prevent them from warping off. In a destroyer hull that is considered a primary target. It’s in fact one of the most suicidal jobs in a fleet.

Most of the time, bombers can choose the fight they want to take and are literally uncatchable before they decide to drop their cloak. Only exception is if you meet them at the gate. And even then it’s not that easy as you think to catch one of those little rascals if they know what they’re doing.

So… No!

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Maybe because the bomb has to travel 30km and the probe no?

OP means Old Pervert?

No, that’s a pretty silly idea.

warp stabs don’t work which i’m sure you now know.

do not warp gate to gate directly.

use D-scan.

avoid using your pod to travel in.

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No, its not that warp gate to gate thing, its the DICTOR camping on the next system you are jumping to, not on the system

a DICTOR camping on adjacent can launch bubble instantly the moment you enter the other map, there is no counter to this unless you bring 100 fleet into that map

If you can’t deal with a single interdictor you should stop playing

There is no point of delaying the bubble activation otherwise even battleships just warp away

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good, link me a fit battleship that can warp in 5sec

theres no counter to dictor other than using another dictor/t3c, pop bubble instantly when you see anyone enters your system via stargate is cocky gameplay

And then you just move out of the bubble , if he stays cloaked nothing happens , if he decloaks u kill him …

A machariel with 2 nanos warps in 6secs

LOL you move out bubble with non dictor? are you serious? you would get webbed in 2sec to 100ms

I hope you are serious

use a scout.

look you can take the advice or not, it makes zero difference to me what you do with it.

kill the dictor?

You know a Hictor can also activate his bubble instantly as you enter in the system?

Or better, they can just anchor a bubble on the gate.

Your problem is not dictors, it’s gate camps.

you need 2 acc to counter a ship which means its OP

Stop crying … get a pvp ship and kill him ffs