Why there are no Counter Bubble Items?

Why there are no Counter warp Bubble Items ?

Only Interceptors and T3 with the special subsystem are immune to bubbles. Why cant most of the normal ships have an item like warp core stabilizer which will for a certain amount of time make them immune to bubble ?

Its called guns, shoot the deplorable one’s and the interdictors for active ones. :] Or if you must know you can smart bomb them as well.

P.s. inti and t3c interdiction nullification is disapearing soon so have fun :D.


Do you have a source you can cite for that comment?

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Question asked.

Question answered.

There is your counter to bubbles. T3s and interceptors.

What youre asking for, is akin to saying “Why there are no counter Capital items? Only other cap ships and battleships and cruisers en mass are a counter, why cant most of the frigates have an item like a micro-nuclear doomsday device which will work for a certain amount of shots, make them able to destroy titans?”

I second this

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I third


And my axe…

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It’s only a logical step, one does not need 100% proof that it is coming to see it coming ^_^.

Yeah I’ll calling BS on that. Sure, there are vocal players who want bubble immunity removed, but the only way that’s going to happen is if bubbles are removed altogether so the immunity isn’t needed anymore. Same with cloaky camping, nerfing this particular item would make nullsec way too secure and safe.

Heck, I’ll even go so far as to say it’s more likely (not going to happen, just more likely) that they’d remove bubbles before they’d remove immunity. Why would I say that? Because they nerfed bubbles in the not-too-distant past. They didn’t nerf bubble immunity.

As it stands, bubbles are a safety net where only two things can reliably get through. It is because of that and the proliferation of bubbles, that interceptors are the only reliable long-range content available (also the only reliable means of transport). Someone once said of this situation, “if you have a cat that can catch all mice except the white ones, of course you’ll see an abundance of white mice. That doesn’t mean white mice are overpowered, it just means that’s all that’s left”.

This also means it is still very easy to clear your space of them. Besides smartbombing at gates, you can also control the grid. Protip: interceptors cannot, by themselves, hold grid against a force. Land one or two recon cruisers and they will scatter. Your space is still very safe because currently the only things that can bypass your bubbles are ships too weak to hold their own against you.

If people keep advocating for a change, I promise, they will NOT like how it gets changed. Because CPP will probably just nerf bubble HP down to 1 hitpoint so it slows down but can’t stop ships, and your space will be even less secure than it is currently.


You make very good point’s, but the whole point of removing interdiction nullification would be to make ship’s less safe (1) so just removing it alone is not enough as you say it would make defending ratting space too safe by bubbling gate’s other changes would need to accompany it, such as:

Npc’s with web’s point’s in every null sec site and gates so carriers which are immune to point’s are not able to do them and so on, this will probably not happen but the logic is the same.

(1) A cloaky nullified loki can rat for days in drone lands making 3bil/day without a care in the world, even safer than people in high sec, know from experience. Interdiction nullification is not good for the health of the game and some deep thinking needs to happen, as it’s far from simple to solve this issue.

Except for bubble camps are an extremely powerful safety tool when they are spammed around all gates 3~4 systems in all directions from a prime rating system.
Nullification inhibits this.

Why is there not a counter to a counter to a counter to a counter?

Actually there is, it’s called Power switch

Yeah nah.

Your counter against bubbles is shooting them.

My argument is not against bubbles its about interdiction nullified ship’s :] but your lack of understanding is pretty clear.

You forgot covert ops cloak + mwd + 3 brain cells.


Any cloak + any prop + 3 brain cells + a bit of luck (Disclaimer : the amount of luck needed depends on the mass of your ship and the intelligence of the bubbler.)

Because. Interdirectors and heavy ones will be out of game. That is their only purpose. Countering it with a single item would be total disbalance

Bring some flesh and bone players to shoot down the interdictors and warp bubbles.

Yeah that’s a fair one I actually thought you were the OP :smiley:

My bad.

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Anything and everything that lets a player just outright ignore another (group of) players’ attempts to engage them should be removed.

Nullification in general pisses me off. Hated T3Cs having it, hate interceptors having it. There’s zero reason for it to exist.

T3Cs are better than they’ve been since they were first created, but they still piss me off. And foaming hordes of Claws aren’t much better. Warp in, blap something, warp out. Good ■■■■■■■ luck trying to actually catch them, unless they ■■■■ up.

The ONLY case where I support nullification is on a T3C when nullification comes at a very heavy cost to mobility (far more than it is now) and is mutually exclusive to covert reconfigs.

Thus, nullified T3Cs can moonwalk past bubble camps but lose to gate camps, and covert T3Cs can moonwalk past gate camps but lose to bubble camps. If they’re doing both, you’re rightly ■■■■■■.

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Agreed. Remove stations.