What is "Immunity to 'non-targeted interdiction"?

I’m trying to understand how Tech 3 cruiser subsystems work and am puzzled by the term, “Immunity to 'non-targeted interdiction” described as a feature of the Legion’s Interdiction Nullifier subsystem.

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It’s bubble immunity.

In null sec and wormhole space, certain ships (interdictors and heavy interdictors) can deploy bubbles which act as an AOE warp scram. Nothing inside the bubble can warp out. Players can also anchor structures (mobile bubbles) with the same effect.

Interceptors, and T3 cruisers with the interdiction nullification subsystems are immune to this effect and can so travel ‘safely’ through these parts of space.

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It gives you immunity to area-of-effect (the non-targeted bit) to warp bubbles (AKA warp disruption fields). It is the same bonus that interceptors have.

You can still be prevented from entering warp by a targeted tackle module like a war disruptor, or other modules that have to lock you to be effective.

Thank You - it’s clear to me now.

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Thanks again. Not a lot around on current T3 configuration since the last rebalance. Many guides and associated fits are out of date.

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