Any way to counter-act warp bubbles in null?

Is there a module that can counteract the effects of a warp disruption bubble, or a ship that is immune to them? I’d explore null sec more but the bubbles really turn me off. If its a solo ganker I can handle it most of the time, but if its a full blown gate camp, even a covert ops ship aint gonna get past.


Interceptors e.g. stiletto

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Thanks. Must have missed that on the ship chart.


You can fly covert ops through most gate camps, most of the time.

Note that interdiction nullification is only part of the solution. You also need to be able to warp (or cloak) before you can be targeted. A travel fit fleet interceptor can warp in less than 2 seconds

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also T3c fitted for nullification work

There are 3 types of bubbles:

  • ‘Drag’ bubbles behind gates.
  • ‘Stop’ bubbles in-front of gates.
  • Bubbles directly on gates.

Bubbles directly on gates are somewhat rare, because they are completely unavoidable. This makes them a huge PITA for everyone, so they are often quickly destroyed, even if they are blue. Generally you will only find these in active gatecamps, and they should be removed when the camp leaves, but sometimes can be left behind.

The other two, ‘drag’ and ‘stop’ are mostly avoidable!

Bubbles on out-going gates are avoidable by NOT warping directly gate-to-gate. Instead, open the map and look to see if you can warp to the gate from a celestial in a different direction (avoid warping to the sun though).

Bubbles on the in-gate are never a problem, unless they are directly on the gate. An Fleet Interceptor (Ares, Crow, Malediction, Stilleto - I prefer the Ares, because it is easy to make warp in less than 2 seconds), or T3 Strategic Cruiser with Interdiction Nullifier propulsion subsystem, are immune to bubbles. A cloaking device is the best solution for the other ships not immune.

First, don’t panic. Look around and see what is what. Is there anyone visible on-grid? If not, someone could be cloaked, or not. Are there containers and drone to uncloak scattered about? Structures nearby? Make a plan! You’ve got time to do this while under the session-change timer.

I’ve got caught in a in-gate bubble by an active gatecamp of 3 ships; an interceptor, a cruiser, and a battlecruiser; and got away because they were AFK. I didn’t even have a cloak. When the were ATK, they started firing at me and I took a lot of damage, but I was already so close to the edge of the bubble that I got away. I then made a huge mistake: since I was badly damaged (into structure) I decided to wait for some shield to recover before continuing on, and warped-around continuously until my shield repaired. I got caught by the Interceptor in the next system. I should have IMMEDIATELY left the system, because all 3 ships had weapons timers preventing them from following me through a gate!

The MWD+Cloak trick for non-covert cloaks.

Some advice from the Eve University Wiki


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