Does a bubble in nullsec stop a cap ship from using it's jump drive?

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Could someone let me know if you can jump whilst bubbled in nullsec using a carrier jump drive?



No, being in a bubble means the same as being warp disrupted or scrambled (although it does not shut off MWD/MJD). Warp Core Stabilizers do not help either.

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Scrablers disrupts MJD. So, being bubbled is something between Disruptors and Scramblers as area effect.

Bubbles do stop cap ships from activating their jump drive.

Saying as much because the way Rivr said it was accurate, but starting with “no” made me have to re-read his post a few times because at first I thought he was denying that it would stop a jump drive.

To say it a slightly different way, it reduces warp strength to zero, which will inherently stop a jump drive.

Bubbles are in fact the best way to tackle a capital ship. A good dictor pilot can land, drop a bubble, MWD out and warp off before even a carrier can get a shot off on them. Then they’re stuck, and way too slow to get out of a bubble.

Not even T2??!!!111

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WTB faction stabs.

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Same! LOL

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