Exploration blues: So null space is basically untravelable

So null space is basically untravelable unless you own it due to warp bubbles? It’s like they are the European “no-go” zones of Eve.

There is no escaping them. Warp core stabs, 1 or 2 or even 3 do nothing to help you and once caught, you are caught. Racing towards the gate is pointless, warping to another location is pointless. And if the only solution is to offset angled entry to the gate by first warping to a planetary body, then warping to the gate hoping there is no warp bubble placed, then what’s the point of space travel in Eve with such moronic maneuvers?

So exploration in null is pointless because you end up losing more than you can gain unless you happen to own that section of null.

Warp core stabs should do what they say…compensate for warp disruption, even bubbles. At the very least I should have a nuclear self destruct so I can take the f**ker with me. Make the attack costly, not so one sided.

Any advice?

-my 0.2 isk

Consider joining a nullsec corp maybe? and suddenly half of that no-go-zone becomes blue


Good point. Perhaps my view of null is all wrong. Maybe it was meant to be territorial. Thanks.

If you want the ability to completely ignore bubbles (anchored or not) you need to be flying Interceptor or nullified T3 Cruiser (Strategic Cruiser)

No amount of Warp Core Stabilizers will help you as bubbles have a warp disruption strength of 100 (give or take) however you can still activate MWD within its radius


WOW!!! I didnt know that.

Interceptor or nullified T3 Cruiser. Gotcha!! Thanks for that tidbit.

Its like asking why you can’t walk to the next street by going through your neighbors house.
Sure, you technically can, but its someone else’s property.

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If you are serious about exploration in null sec, then the wisest plan is to get good at scanning and using wormholes. Most of null is empty. It is usually only on choke points (usually bubbled because of strategic operations against other null sec powers) or entry points from low sec (to catch the unwary or unprepared) that are bubbled.

Using wormholes can bypass entry points and take you deep into null. Many systems are so untravelled that you can scan and explore unmolested for a fair time. Even those apparently held by an alliance can be very empty. You can then use a wormhole chain to avoid trouble on the way back to sell your loot.

Obviously, wormholes themselves have certain challenges, but EvE is a hard game. You have to learn to survive and grow rich. Those that do, find null sec very rewarding.

Making bookmarks in the systems you travel is also good practice in case a hunter comes by and you need to safe up. You will get to be familiar with a territory and its denizens.

If it’s just travelling in null that you wish to do, then as suggested, use a fast align interceptor. There are also combat sites for explorers in null and wormhole space that require something as powerful as a T3 Cruiser, but one should get used to null in an inexpensive T1 Exploration frigate first. You will die, however good you get, but not that often.


It is definitely not not untravelable. T2 Exploration Frigates have a lot of options to avoid drag/stop bubbles and even if you are in a dictor bubble after jumping a gate, you can either burn away with MWD cloak from the gate and expect the decloak attempts from ceptors or dictors to fail if you do it right, or you burn back to the gate and do the same on the other side if they follow you.
You can also just drop mobile depots in safe spots all over the place and drop loot into them and collect the loot later with a ceptor and re-launch the depot every 20 days (remember, they have a 30 day life time). If you launch them in safe spots that are not or hard to dscan in a system, no one will find it 99% of the time. That way, you do not lose all or even a lot of your relic salvage and data loot.

The number of days between commonly known exploration bots’ Astero deaths on the killboard clearly shows that you can travel just fine in null sec.


Nullsec is unclaimed by any of the existing empires making it like the US Wild West. There are no gate guns and no Concord. Players are free to stake a claim but then they have to defend it, hence the patrols and bubbles. It’s definitely intended to be territorial but players tend to congregate in/near systems with stations so that most of nullsec is pretty empty compared to Empire Space. However, there are a limited number of entry/exit points which tend to be camped.

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A T2 fitted Strategic Cruiser will set you back maybe 250-300m so you need a deep wallet. An Inty is relatively cheap at around 50m including fittings.

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That can also be avoided by using wormholes to enter and exit null sec.

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Yes, but interceptors do not get scanning + hacking bonus. Nor can they travel with covert op device…

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Haha, I like that idea! :smiley: Make a module for it and Kamikaze fleets are a thing!

About the Topic:
Let me tell you that even a lot of null sec dwellers, who don’t have a direct connection to high or lowsec systems, tend to use wormholes to get in and out of it with other things than Interceptors. And even Interceptors can get killed quite easy by a good placed smartbomb battleship.

So my recommendation would be to learn about wormholes. It can vastly improve your exploration game. Likely you will die a few times, so don’t bring something expensive while you don’t feel like you actually know what you’re doing. But each time you die, you can learn something from it. Also talk to the people who killed you. If you ask, they often give new players tipps how not to die next time.

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I mean it’s easy to get around when you know how, but you have to try to learn instead of being grumpy and saying the game is broken. As a side thought nulsec is designed to be taken over and controlled by players so I’m not sure what you expected. Did you think you would be allowed to travel freely through their territory?

You need a cloaking device or a nulified (immune to warp bubbles) ship.

Learn how to do it.

Learn the Cloak / MWD trick.

The offset warp-in tactic is to avoid specifically drag bubbles. If there’s a bubble directly on gate you’re going to have to either find another way around, blow up the bubble or sneak through with great speed or a cloak. There are options though, the game is not rigged merely because you don’t know how to do it.

Interesting point. It is precisely because many people like you give up instantly and assume nul is impossible that the one’s who bother to keep trying make so much bank. It helps if you are friendly with the natives but it is by no means essential.

They specifically say in the info window, that the stab will only prevent targeted interdiction.

Why should the game provide you with a participation prize for failing to be prepared enough not to die?

Learn how to solve your problems before you declare something stupid out of a lack of understanding. People are willing to help generally as long as you’re not just whining and throwing your toys around.

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You don’t need a bonus (except some rigs and a scan med module), … just get good.


Before going to null, I explored a ton in other people’s null-sec without too much difficulty.

Most bubbles are at strategic locations. If you take a wormhole (either directly to null or to wormhole space and then jump to null from there), you’ll bypass most gatecamps. A lot of null is pretty unpopulated… so for the most part I explored with very little problem once I got there. If people warped in I’d cloak up and wait for them to leave.

Even if you accidentally run into a bubble in a covert ops… you’ve got a good shot at getting out. the only times I’ve lost a covops capable ship in null was when I accidentally double clicked my cloak and decloaked before I escaped. MWD, cloak, change direction… escape bubble. Warp to a celestial between gates to avoid drag bubbles with decloaking cans. You’re not 100% safe but your’e relatively safe.


For a newbie, this is quite right: Soloing nullsec in T1 stuff is kinda thrilling with lots of wondering and medical clone activation. You’ll die quite often within seconds and have to read the log to figure out what actually happened. Once I warped with an Atron into 8 Smartbombs, I was dead before the warp drive stopped counting…
But EVE is a game with a learning curve and it is a social game. Both will help you to survive in null.
So try to enjoy dying, the sooner you get used to it, the better. And then success will be even sweeter - it’s actually fun to kill at least one of the gankers before you die.

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And now imagine, that you are good and spend 50 % less time for the very same task just because you use bonused ship. And time is fun, time is money…

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That option was comprehensively covered by Haru’kai Vidaraltyr in an earlier reply so I saw no reason to repeat it.

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Fair point, however the OP was actually making 2 claims: Firstly, that travel in nullsec is impossible making (secondly) exploration pointless. I was addressing the first as I’ve not tried the second myself.

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