Kamikaze "Bombing" Module

Idea originated in this topic: Exploration blues: So null space is basically untravelable:

What do you think about a module that does that kind of thing?
It would create an area of effect like a normal bomb - with the difference that you are piloting the thing yourself and get blown up and podded in the process. Maybe it would use all the energy you can put in your cargo in form of cap boosters…
It would be possible to fit on T1 frigates. Industrials would be suddenly freaking scary if you could fit that kamikaze module with the cap-booster mechanic. :sweat_smile:

To strong?
Probably when I igamine some of the bigger entities with a lot of pilots could just warpin 100 Magnates to a cap and activate the Module. It might make bombing too easy. :thinking:

Maybe give them a random damage type so they kill the effect of each another like bombs that get blown up by damage types other than their own type.
Or the timer is random somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds so you have good chance that the fleet kills a great deal of itself before the majority can deal damage. At least some kind of diminishing return might be a good idea.

Any opinions and ideas how such a module could be balanced?


I don’t see any problems with this. CCP please implement.


Sounds 100% like a smartbomb ship…

A single normal bomb doesn’t do that much damage, it wouldn’t be taking anyone with them unless they were already in structure damage wise.

It is fun as a “defiant act” but I would not want it to be powerful enough to wipe out ships because otherwise it would have a tactical effect in NS.

Keep in mind that original thread is basically about being entitled to fly solo in NS.

So you dont think its enough that titan AOE damage explosions kills the server during battles, we need more ships that does AEO!
Dont kill the hamsters man!!!

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Easy solution: the bomb replaces the brain scanner feature on your pod, so activating it kills your character permanently. No clone, no SP saved, make a new character from zero. You could even make the bomb deal damage based on the SP of the character using it, to prevent it from being spammed by expendable alpha accounts. Want to take someone with you? You can, but you’re actually going to die to do it.

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see my reply in OP:

I was thinking of a special pod, different from the standard pods. Looks just like all other pods so nothing making it distinguishable except for the fact that if destroyed, it will go off like a super-nova smart bomb damaging, if not killing the surrounding ships.

It’s a nice balance if you ask me. “Do I pod or not pod this guy?” Making the tension in the game all the better.

I’m sure they would start off prohibitively expensive on the market, but revenge is sweet.

Where do I submit ideas to CCP?

That’s not very nice. What’s your problem, sunshine?

No entitlement. Just a fighting chance. Eve is all about hardcore risk right? Except when the risk is placed back on the predator’s lap then it’s a different story, huh?

You want a fighting chance, don’t go into other peoples territory solo.

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Killing someone else is fun and is the absolute CORE of the eve concept. Adding ways to avoid dying to someone that has laid plans for killing you and now is in the process of reaping the rewards of that planning, by killing you, is a horrible idea.

I’d like to see t2 suicide shuttles, that you warp in to fight and detonate the warp core and wreck the ■■■■ out of anyone within 10km. Maybe have them nullified also. **

The loser we’re callin’ OP ain’t bein’ nice either callin’ people fuckers, is he?

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