Warp Core Detonation

This idea came to me just now after reading a post about suicide bombing module.

Anyway the idea is have every ship have in game have warp core detonation capability,

The damage output would vary depending on ship hull type, frigates would have a small area off effect and also less damage output than a battleship etc. Also skill for warp detonation would need to be trained to improve output and area of effect.

So the point of this would be if you know your gonna die potentially you might be able to take some people with you.

Also you would not be able to detonate the core unless you are have 25% hull left.

This is just a basic idea so feel free to improve add ideas

Be great for suicide runs :roll_eyes:

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So Minmatars everywhere celebrate?


This wouldn’t really work because you would need to be less than 25% hull to be able to detonate.

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Concord will be sure of that

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Whats your point ?

This guy needs to post in Jita local to get positive feedback, he’s even paying people for it haha


TLDR, OP buying “positive reviews” now.

[03:50:57] Shark’Bait > 10 million isk paid out to the first 20 people to give positive feedback on my ideas thread Warp Core Detonation

AKA, tfw your idea is so bad, you have to pay people for them to say it’s a good idea.


it is a good idea

It would be nice =P and fun


i like this module idea and it shouldnt be limited to high / low … if activated prior to the ship being destroyed it should be treated like a smartbomb short range limited and a NON concordable action !!!

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I honestly think it should be a passive feature actually. Like if your hull is heavily damaged your warp core has a chance to explode. This creates a whole new set of features attached to it - modules, skills, maybe even warp core type/model you can fit to your ship, smaller are less effective but do less damage and have lower hull threshold requirement to have chance to explode and vice versa.

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sure… then every fleet fight would end in capital ships blowing up and killing everything else…


not necessarily, area of effect, damage done all come into play. it would be more of a small chance of taken something down with you if they are also low on hit points.

Actual DPS and other stats would need to be balanced and determined intelligently so as not to become used as unintended

There’s a couple of ways to do something like this…

Make it a module of some kind, that does a bunch of AOE damage but also destroys your ship. The problem with that would be using it to suicide gank a bunch of people at once, and Concord is powerless to punish you b/c your ship is already gone. Although an easy fix for that is to disallow activating the module in High Sec.

Another alternative is to make it an automatic feature when your ship explodes. And base the damage on the amount of Cap left when you die. So if you get Neuted dry and then explode, there won’t be any energy left to burst. But if you die with a full charge, then you’ll do a ton of damage. Another thing is that bigger ships will inherently do more damage just b/c they have more Cap. Or you can toss a bunch of Batteries into something smaller for a surprise.

To prevent suicide ganks, I’d make it so when you purposely activate your self destruct in High Sec, it drains your Cap at the last few seconds.


like your feedback Marcus,

i was thinking not a module just a button on the console. Maybe they call it the abandonship button

Not sure if it’s still there, but last time I played Star Trek Online, they had it.

You could use Ramming Speed to cause massive collision damage. And then follow up with Self Destruct for AOE explosion damage. And it would pretty much wreck anything you fought.


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Maybe could make it a rig that gives you a final bang, Small damage for the tech 1 and better for tech 2

Edit: won’t activate if killed by concord

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