Kamikaze Ships

When you self destruct, dose the explosion do damage to neighboring ships and structures? One way ship…

I think High sec ganking would change… A turret or launcher slot mod that would lower the speed and shields slightly. Different mods to increase which damage types, like smart bombs.

I can see me taking my little Atron with it’s 3 impact bombs strapped to the hull and overdrives and a MWD. Have to shoot me down before impact.

Just use Smartbombs?


Yeah that’s what self destruct will tactics will look like in EVE.

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Bomb launchers? Might as well be a one way trip, and it does the same thing

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Let’s not add more ways for people to be griefed in eve online. Thank you.

Asking to Kamikaze one of those overstocked T1 battleships on the Jita undock are you? Why don’t you and a few friends just undock and smartbomb with same said battleships for mostly the same effect.

I’m thinking for the none ganker ganker. I would love some payback. i would except skill point loss for doing it like the old days

SP loss? Ok, then create alpha alt, skill it for BS or something and few more skills only for SP and kamikaze anyone in hisec…

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