Ramming, kamikazing

Ramming first.
A high slot module when activated puts an energy field around the front of your ship and depending on mass, speed and other variables i’m not smart enough to know does dmg to enemy ships.

Kamikaze last.
Again this would rely on some variables like speed and mass, etc. I cant decide whether it should be high or low slot yet but turn the module on and smash into the enemy. 10-15 frigs killing a BS this way sounds really cool or 10-15 BS killing something much larger, or at least doing damage.

Never going to happen because of bumping mechanics being unable to tell who rammed who for a start. And because it would make ganking silly.

I’d rather not damage my own Mach when I bump an AFK Orca into the next dimension, thanks…

obligatory comment about jita undock

Imagine gankers with these. They lose their ship anyways, so they get all the good but none of the bad.

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Lugh - Okay had not thought about that, maybe restrict it to different security such as no high sec.

Nevyn - difficult yes but not impossible.

Quake - I’m not sure how to respond to that.

Daichi - That’d be hilarious xD but yes I see your point. I reckon the gankers can have their fun and the non gankers have their own thing.

Reminds me of a hull-mounted explosive idea I had awhile ago. Run up next to someone with explosives in your hold and a detonator module, and you blow the explosives, dealing dmg to yourself and anyone around you. It didn’t get well received either.

Considering how scared people (who’ll likely never see them) are of terrorists no game developer is going to add suicide bombers to their game. At least not as a player option - it’s OK to shoot them, not to play them.

EVE might be a small game but it is pretty well known for the economy system and big space battles, sometimes getting an article not only on gaming sites but large news sites. A suicide bomber module would soon bring in every “parents against violent video games” group, and CCP would probably get called stuff by a good amount of politicians in different countries too. I guess they have enough sense to not want that.

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Command and conquer to name one.

They are even called ‘terrorists’. And they can get into cars lol.

We already have a ‘suicide bomber’ module.
It’s called smart bombs combined with a warp to zero. Especially if you do it with several of you.

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