Cargo explosive

Maybe can be a good idea create a module for low slots, that in case of ship destruction, will be destroy all cargo without drop anything and this module can be fit also on freighter / industrials.

Will be funny for people that try to gank haulers on hisec for loot.

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As long as it was an activated module that destroyed the ship (an active self-destruct) rather than passive which only activates with the destruction of the ship, I would not object.

just jet and shoot the can…

Honestly … no.

I do fly freighter and bowhead, I don’t like the ganks and I’ve seen completely unnecessary ganks, but it’s still only a game. I don’t need to see the one part of ganking destroyed that’s still just done for profit. Besides, if we don’t give our edge lords something to aim for then who knows what they’ll ruin next for us.

Just my opinion of course. If gankers utterly destroyed your life in EVE and you now have nothing left then you’re certainly welcome to hate gankers and to make suggestions to ruin them in return.



It seems a little butt hurt, more about revenge than fun.

More fitting options are good. +1 from me

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If it was more than just fitting a low slot then sure. The old self destruct that destroyed everything on the ship was perfect. Don’t know why it changed.

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Being able to fill a low slot or multiple low slots with high explosive charges would also be quite hilarious. Sort of like a smartbomb on steroids. I may die, but I’m taking you all with me…


That reminds me… One of the first introductory missions a new player is made to do is fly a ship packed with explosives into a pirate station and blow up both the ship and the station.

I was so looking forward to that when I first started… Big disappointment.


Tricky to do on a freighter :slight_smile:

jet and have a friend shoot it

If you have your friends tail you constantly just in case you have to have your cargo blown up, you won’t have friends for very long.

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If you want to be very hard to gank, you’ll have one webbing escorting you anyways.

I like the idea of a “Scorched Earth” module. But not just cargo - extend it to modules as well so that if someone gets ganked everything (including cargo, modules, ammunition, the wreck and the capsule itself) gets toasted.

Price it at a few hundred million ISK. Heck, you could even require a skill or two (Mechanics V, etc.)
Bonus: No wreck - no kill mail. Let the salt flow…

Anytime I’m moving a freighter i have a friend webbing me. Probably why i also know only the lazy lose freighters to ganks anyway

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