Selfdestruct module

What do you think about self-dectruct module, which destroy ship, all installed modules and all cargo items? This will create some dilemma for haulers (use this module or wait until CONCORD arrived) and for attackers (chance to lose their ships and get nothing from victim).


Don’t make it a module. Just make it how self destruction works.


Self-destruction has countdown. Module should destroy ship instantly. Better after confirmation ( 3 times at row activation, for example).


Currently, unless you gank just for fun, you evaluate the ship value VS the value of the ships that will be destroyed by concord. Only gank what’s profitable, always with a margin such that unless something unforeseeable happens, the target goes down. You suggest one module that makes ship value = 0, essentially removing all incentive to gank. That’s not a choice, that’s an IWIN button.


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Let the gank for fun, what is the problem? It’s can be undetectible module. Gankers shouldn’t know about its availability. Let them guess - risk. Why only haulers should risk? Eve’s kredo is “more risk - more profit”. But gankers has no risk.

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Whether you get ganked or use this module, you’ll still lose billions either way. The gankers lose nothing other than the ships they were going to lose to Concord anyway. Won’t make a bit of difference. The end goal of your ship and valuables going pop is still achieved…,

Nope. Not instant.

Countdown makes things interesting.

There’s the first lie. Was wondering how long this would take.


There is a reason why self-destruct (and logoff) have a countdown - to prevent the scenario your module would permit!

If CCP wanted this to happen, it would be a whole lot easier to remove the countdown than to create a module to negate it.

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I lose my stuff either way, but gankers don’t get profit prom my killing. Only moral satisfaction

Ok. Told me about they risk. They has only calculable expenses.

Every item has a 50% drop rate. They may not get paid.

There are also ways to interrupt ganks. Logi, ecm or shooting the gankers first. They can lose their ships without getting a kill.

No gank is guaranteed.

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As I say it’s calculable expenses.

It’s possible only if haules has escort and escort’s corp. has war with gankers. I am considering situation about suicide-gank. But in case of escort gankers can calculate expenses and drop ECM or more dps-ships.

That’s ridiculous. 50% is a risk. Sometimes the loot fairy is nice and it’s the valuable half that drops, sometimes she isn’t and it’s the invaluable part. And it is not every times half the items either.

And you don’t need anything to shoot the gankers. Just balls. Once they start shooting, they are criminals and anyone can shoot them, or be a bystander. And that’s IF they are not criminals who are perma-flashy.

You don’t have to like what they do, I don’t either, but give them a bit of respect and learn about them before sheltering yourself in your misconceptions and cries of woes.

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Thats still risk numb nuts.

And yes. It takes more than one ship to gank. So you can use more than one ship to defend yourself.

You don’t think haulers can also make calculated expenses?

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Shoot whem from freighter? Lol.
And I can’t start shoot them first if I havn’t war with them. No chance to prevent-strike.

Respect for what? They have no risk. They have only calculated ship casualtes. If victim cargo value 2,5-times more then value of suicide ship they kill it. If less, they skip it. How brave)

I write it again “Victim hasn’t chance to prevent-strike”.
This module not’s safe cargo. It doesn’t make expenses less for haulers. It’s only create some risk for gankers to take zero loot.

Yes, you do have a chance to “prevent the strike”. Don’t haul ridiculously expensive amounts of cargo and use a scout alt. It’s that simple…

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Who said they were brave? Practiced, calculating, industrious, rapacious, even piratical yes, but no one is with seriousness claiming those that prey on the unaware, lazy and greedy are brave. In my mind they are faithful and important public servants, adding risk to an otherwise near-riskless game for most of the players, which is honourable in a way, but not necessarily brave.

This game features piracy and the opportunity to play the game is a pirate as a core feature. Eve is balanced such that it cost something to attack another player without consent (or without warning like in a war). The game for the prey item - the hauler - is to make sure they don’t make themselves a profitable target to attack, and if they do so in the pursuit of greater profits, they risk becoming vulnerable to other players capitalizing on their choice and taking their stuff and better do something to protect themselves. This is all intended.

Having a module that takes away loot drops would break this motivator for much of the player interaction in this game to happen. Why would anyone become a pirate if they can’t actually take another player’s stuff? At that point you might as well go be one of those faux lowsec RP pirates who misuse their -10 status as a licence to treat everyday like ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’. The real game goes on when various ne’er-do-wells scam, steal, trick, intimidate, extort or straight out just shoot someone to take their stuff.

At the very least, you need to propose some trade-offs and counters to your idea if you want it to get any serious consideration. An undetectable and perfect system that comes with no costs and has no counter isn’t a very good thing to put in the game. At that point it is just a button to placate someone who has made multiple mistakes and/or been outplayed, looking for an easy way to soothe their ego, and one that will kill much of the activity in New Eden. This is just a game, and if you lose a round of PvP it’s probably better to try to learn from that mistake and fit some modules or begin some behaviours that will prevent that from happening again than to wallow in your impotence and dream up silly revenge fantasies and post them on the forums.

Offer up a ‘good fight’, congratulate the new owners of the (formerly your) stuff, and figure out to not let that happen again. Or retreat to your dark lair and start plotting ways to get your revenge and/or take the other guys stuff. Either way, play the game and stop asking for the rules to be rewritten to give you an advantage.


Take this genius for example that just got ganked, flying a completely untanked freighter, probably on autopilot, containing roughly 37 million different items that looks to be his entire game inventory. Not smart…

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But hauler has risk in both variations. He lost his cargo and ship. This module don’t make hauling safer.
Like a captain i prefer to destroy my ship and don’t give my stuff to pirates.
These are the usual guerrilla actions. Burn food, poison water. Do not leave resources to the enemy.

Of course it shoudn’t be “press to win button”. It was only concept. And I want to hear other ideas.
It can be very expensive module or pilot loose some SP on self-destruction. It can significantly decrease speed/cargo volume/EHP or decrease hauler security status or denies ship insurance on activation.

Why not just fly smart and avoid the situation entirely?

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