Shake it up?

Hello, ganking seems to be a controversial issue still and i would like to share a proposal for how to reduce ganking and change the PVP meta as a whole in that case.

  • A new low slot module that makes you immune to webbing but disables all mid slots
  • Warp Core Stabilizer is changed so it makes you completely immune from warp disrupters and scramblers, but it will disable all high slots

Thats it

Among other things this will be a buff to drone boats since they can do damage without high slots and its balanced too because if you you warp off without your drones its not completely free.

What makes you believe CCP wants to reduce ganking and do all that work with new modules and balancing? Seems like a lot of eye-straining work for nothing. Especially when it can easily be avoided or mitigated by not flying what you’re not willing to lose and not undocking billions worth of stuff.
Cutthroat game. Fly cheap or cry.


The first module isn’t even good for avoiding ganking lol, if anything it makes you more vulnerable.

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@Dark_Lord_Trump Some ganks happen between the time you come out of warp and try to dock. The assumption is that if you cant get webbed you can dock faster and avoid the gank. But even if it only helps a fraction of ganks being avoided it still seems like an interesting new module.

@Yuzima What is the point of making ISK and the more expensive stuff if you cant even use it in high security space? What is the point of playing in the first place then. Lot of people are asking themselves that question i believe. But maybe not you :slight_smile:

Not saying you can’t use the ship. I’m saying if you use it you have to be aware that there are very good chances to lose it. The choice is yours. That’s the game. Either you can stand losing ships or you don’t. There is no judgment here. There are other games that don’t make you lose the ship. I play those also. But when I play EvE I know I’m not good enough to own nice expensive ships so I fly cheap free ships.

A good chance to lose expensive stuff even in high security space?

Your thread is about Ganking. Ganking only happens in high security space, clown.

Please dont get me wrong but i think only a clown would suggest there should be a very good chance to lose expensive stuff in high security space

Then I don’t know what you’re whining about and this thread is useless to everyone.

With all due respect you seem like the one who is whining. But i wont hold it against you. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Keep your respect. I’m only here to discuss with sensible adults, not jerks.
Go get ganked somewhere and quit wasting my time.

I will mute you then. It reminds me not to interact with you in the future. Have a nice day

Drone ships like the Gila or Isthar need anything but a buff.

Why not?

Security status of space doesnt determine the safety of a player.

High security= CONCORD interaction against criminals

Low security= absense of CONCORD but navy/faction police are still present

Null security= no “cops” at all.

Your safety is dependent on you. You can completely avoid ganking entirely. Learn where the gankers are and avoid their areas

The gankers are everywhere in EVE Online, avoid it at all cost.

But on a serious note, the gankers will follow people. So if you go where they arent, and other people follow you, next thing the gankers show up.

The modules on op will only give a false sense of security which is the problem in the first place. Try and come up with something else please.

No thank you. Players already have all the tools they need to avoid being ganked if they are willing to learn how to play the game. If they don’t and are lazy and stubborn, I don’t see a reason to support them with some modules for “immunity” against PvP effects.

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Blue systems (0.9 and 1.0) should be yellow only.

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This can 100% be avoided by making a 0km dock bookmark on the station.

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