Suicide Ganking in High Sec

Why is this acceptable? Why isn’t more done to stop it?


Because it’s a legitimate and endorsed playstyle.


You want to gank ships go play in low-sec.
It’s kind of sad to me if you get your jollies blowing up defenceless ships.


You want to write about ganking, search for the subject and reply to one of the 3 trillion posts that are already there


Ganking is a highsec activity, and something you should be considering, monitoring, and fitting against wherever possible. Highsec doesnt mean safe, it means safer.

You cant gank in lowsec, its consensual, you agree to the danger when you enter.


There should be less reward / more punishment for ganking in High-sec.


The reward is a killmail and tears from crybabies like you. If you want there to be less reward, don’t cry about it on a public forum like this to show the gankers that they’ve gotten a reaction from you.

The punishment is 100% guaranteed ship loss from Concord that you cannot avoid or you get banned from the game.


Would like to see some stats on that. :thinking:


So we can’t mention it or talk about it so we can’t stop it?

Statistics. How many people over what period of time have been banned for hisec ganking?

Crying about it just gives the gankers validation and joy as they see you throw a tantrum on here. If you actually want to address ganking, provide actual arguments. All you’re doing it just waltzing in, still mad about a loss, and then asking dumb rhetorical questions because it makes you feel better to play victim on here too.

But before you do, at least educate yourself on the matter and go do a search before you rehash all the dumb arguments that people have tried to make over the years.

Ask CCP.

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Presumably single digits, because you misinterpreted what Scoots Choco said

You get banned if you evade CONCORD, and CONCORD is the punishment for ganking. So if you gank, your punishment is you lose your ship (and some sec status for committing a criminal offense). If you somehow don’t lose your ship (CONCORD is all-powerful), that’s an exploit and you get banned.

To my knowledge, apart from some mishap in 2003 where CONCORD did so little DPS an active-rep smartbombing battleship trolled everyone for like a day in Yulai, there has never been a major exploit discovered against CONCORD that allowed gankers to not lose their ship, so presumably very few people (if any) have been banned for exploiting that part of the game, because it simply can’t be exploited, the game’s code actually works here.


You can. This corporation might be who you’re looking for, when it comes to stopping it.

The above answers the second question in your OP:

To the first question, it’s long been accepted that high security means that The Man is Big Punishment, not Big Prevention.

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Big Punishment? Really? I strongly disagree

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Well, I could tell you why your opinions are wrong, and why your attitude is the biggest obstacle to your success, but I’m getting really tired of repeating myself. Just yesterday, I was in another gank complain thread talking about how every time someone creates one of these threads, they reset the conversation to zero. Sol says it’s on purpose. He says since they can’t defeat us with well reasoned argument and evidence, the nerf gankers have launched a coordinated attack meant to burn us out by making us keep arguing the same points over and over and over and over… and over and over and over. Maybe. But he might also be giving them too much credit. Besides, it could simply be due to Eve having a never-ending stream of people who respond to adversity by complaining. So, I dunno.

What I do know, however, is that this thread is redundant. @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode Could you please merge this into any of the existing gank threads?

Now, if you want to learn how to reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero, you should check out the “how not to be ganker bait” section of the nerf ganking megathread. If you have any questions after that, don’t hesitate to ask.
No P2W


There should be less reward / more punishment for being AFK in high sec…

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Well then… based on your curt replies, I hope you look at these references and up the dialogue.

For reference, here is someone who long ago took the time to construct a nuanced argument backed by: 1) identifying a problem, 2) explaining why it was important to solve, 3) be receptive to concrete solutions. All of which provided way more interesting and concrete points to discuss. Here is a less good one, but still more specific than the topic at hand. And finally, here is an old thread full of complaints about Goonswarm ganking in Highsec in… 2008. I’m sure this time will be different though.

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Because the competitive nature of the game makes it legitimate gameplay. It’s specifically catered for in the game design.

The implied “why doesn’t CCP do more to stop it” isn’t needed. If you want it stopped, then go do it.


You cant gank in lowsec, its a hisec only term. In lowsec its called PvP.