Not enough empire ganking

There is not enough ganking in highsec and it has just become way too safe. I think CCP should introduce more ganking mechanics into highsec so that more ganking occurs everywhere.

  • Insurance needs to be brought back to ships lost to concord
  • Concord response times need to be longer
  • CCP should make a dedcated gank ship that gets bonuses where it needs them



You should post this in General… you will get more hits there.


The majority of the gank ships is worthless and most money on them in modules. Insurance has no impact on ganking whatsoever. Besides, with skill point farming, you can maintain your personal omega gank squad practically for free (it almost appears as if CCP introduced this just for gankers to benefit from this).

You don’t need lower Concord response time as as few as 1 pilot can gank a single other ship, or as few as 5 ships to gank a properly prepared freighter. If these low requirements do not incentivize ganking, lower concord response time will neither.

Catalyst, Talos, Naga, Tornado, Thrasher, Coercer already exist. High DPS, no tank, necessary mids for scram/web/scanners. A dedicated ganker ship would not provide anything else.

In conclusion: You do not want to work for your ganks. You want easy targets become even easier to hit so that your lack of creativity and competence can be mitigated. Those are resoundingly relevant arguments for easier ganking. :+1:

Not to mention that high is already more dangerous than most of null sec and low sec. In contrast to making high sec even more dangerous and low sec and null sec even more save by extension, how about you (not a personal you, more a general you because you (a personal you) apparently go to low sec on this char and fight something there) go there and make those areas of space less safe? Oh, right, you would run the risk of getting countered, trapped, interdicted or otherwise prevented from having “fun”, hence you have to go to high sec to have “fun” with targets that do not do that. :roll_eyes:

With the new forum’s alert on new topics, it is kind of irrelevant where you post it.


I agree op

More death means more stuff to replace, therefore it stimulates the economy properly (instead of having it become stagnant)


While I am not sure how one decides whether the amount of ganking is too little or too much in a game like Eve, I will say that the risk is currently very tiny, and probably the amount of criminal activity is near an all-time low. The problem is many metrics are near an all-time low so we would probably need access to some better data to make a fact-based argument why criminals need some help.

But I do think that a dedicated criminal ship would be cool. Something with a bonus like the CONCORD ships based on the security status of the pilot, but favouring negative status players of course. I guess though it wouldn’t be used much for suicide ganking though because of the cost issue, but it would even be cool in lowsec to have a ship that was bonused for use by the pirates of New Eden.

Yarr. :skull_and_crossbones:


Lol mate.

Think again.
High sec is made of:

  1. Casual players not having time (or interest) to join big alliances / corps in null / wh
  2. Beginners
  3. Bored players
  4. weirdos
  5. Code and other retards.

I’m glad that Highsec was safe when i began.
I got back to high sec like 6 months ago, when i changed of null alliance. I joined a beginner corp to help. They were in permanent wardecs by experienced players. SOLO Players ganking 8 beginners mining fleet, trying to defend themselves with Tech 1 ships… That was pitiful… and cute lol

Remember that you dont get iskies there. in my mind, highsec miners are poor.
Leave high sec as a school, please; we need more good people in this game. no more griefers

Its a quick answer. Don’t hate, just understand me.


It’s safer than ever before. Fact.

I assume since you’re experienced in the game you taught them that having your own corp is privilege, rather than a right? I assume you taught them that they should be fully able to defend themselves before flying under their own banner? I mean you must at least have instructed them that everything they’re getting from being in a hisec corp can also be accomplished by a shared chat channel while being in the NPC corp and having 0 risk of wardecs?

Or did you just agree with them how nasty the game is because nasty pirates impossible to beat and Waaaaah?


I like longer CONCORD response timers. Dedicated ganking ship would be fun. Insurance is not needed, we already got that (James reimburse ganking ships).


LOL, I thought this was supposed to be kind of a joke to counter the threads complaining about suicide ganking, but seems others are taking it seriously…

Well, if this is supposed to be a serious proposal I have to say it does definitely look a lot like the complaints about suicide ganking, just with the opposite bias…

If you want to be a ganker, the game mechanics to do it are definitely there. If you think there should be more gankers, then before suggesting “improvements” to the game mechanics, you better ask first why others that you’d like to also be gankers, but aren’t, don’t want to do it and prefer to do other things instead…


no totally srs, what kind of monster would joke about highsec suicide ganking?


As a member of category #4, it’s always nice to be acknowledged. :slight_smile:


Maybe the 15 minute criminal timer puts some would-be suicide gankers off from being involved.

You’re right. CCP does definitely need to do something to address this… I suggest CCP awards suicide gankers some exotic dancers after each gank to keep them entertained while they wait for the timer… :rofl:


And finally something to do while in… oh, wait, CCP removed that.

Still, there’s always fleet comms to listen to. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any highsec ganks on your killboard op


Ganking ships are already cheap enough.


Its called the catalyst, that ship has no other good functions then ganking.

Isk wise, Ganking has never been bigger, anyone who wants to gank someone else can already easily do so.

I think someone just wants a I WIN button button.
Personally I am a ganking is a privilege and it should be earned meaning if you wanna there will be some grinding involved to be able to sit and wait for those juicy targets. (isk would not solve your standings as well)
I am not sure what your missing in this process something is lacking or are you the type that if you see something in high sec you feel obligated to press f1 and win?
Surprised you did not ask for 100% loot drop including rigs and hull delivered to station of your choice because well current drop rate are just lacking.

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Yes. In fact the CEO was an experienced player, he gave this corp Raitarus / Tataras, but was really rarely online (for the 3 days i had with these guys)

I can confirm I make up 4 of those 5 points.

In this case only point 2 does not apply to me even though my char was born in FEB 2018.

However I need to point out that 2 points that deeply touch me on a personal level is Weirdos and Retards. That would explain my entire EVE career.


I’m immortal, I think I’ll mine rocks

I’m immortal, I think I’ll act immortal and go blow stuff up and die myself too

Of those two choices, one of them is definitely weirder than the other, especially if not using a Rorqual.