High sec should be.. more safe

Too easy the suicide-ganker life. Concord should have a blacklist of recidivists, bad people should be exiled from the region where there was crime or go to jail (in-game :slight_smile: ) .

You think that new players after discoved where is the trade hub for sell a week of work mining with a venture will keep playing the complicated eve? No.

I see every time I go to Jita, the same people there… how they can continue ganking after months?


Because people like you fund them, if you have more then 300m loot in cargo expect a nado to shoot you, because he has a decent chance of getting profit. Smaller ships can be alphad by a trasher, which is around 5mil. if you have enough in cargo of course someone will kill ya.
Gankers do get punished, they lose their ships and sec status, once it goes below -2 they can be shot by faction cops. Even lower and concord themselves will kill you (im pretty sure)


Quick answer: No.

Gankers are an important part of EVE’s ecosystem. Constantly trimming the fat off of high-sec bears and keeping you healthy.


Personally, I’d implement 2 changes and that’s about it

  • Alpha accts are not allowed to go Red on their Safety. They can perform Green or Yellow actions. But if they want to shoot stuff indiscriminately, they need to go to Low and Null.
  • Ganking needs to dramatically reduce your Security Status. Not this ridiculous 0.001 loss crap. You shouldn’t see the same guy floating outside the station for months. If he’s been shooting people for more than a week, that’s too long. They should be lit up bright red, and fair game to everyone by that point. Clearly they’re a space terrorist.

The fact that you can’t autopilot an expanded Bestower filled with expensive loot between trade hubs does not make suicide ganking easy; if anything, it’s been nerfed so many times that it’s just amazing that it keeps happening as much as it does.


Oh yeah, cus it’s SO hard to fit Meta guns and 2 round of ammo and press F1…


And it’s too hard to not autopilot?


A. Pretty sure CCP responded to the in game jail idea as we’d all expect with a hard no back around 2013-14. Customers who are expecting a service (playing the game) shouldn’t be locked out of being able to play in some “Jail” for playing the game their way.
B. No highsec should not be more safe, like Daichi Said it keeps the bear lean, in my opinion it just looks disproportionate because were not so good at trimming the fat elsewhere.
C. If i remember correctly most suicide ganking alts just stay at -10 sec status anyways since whenever they undock theyre already going to die.
D. They have to invest in the ships theyre going to use same as you invest in the ships your going to lose, just because they fitted for max DPS and you fitted no tank and max cargo doesnt mean they are in the wrong.
E. Just dont pile piles of loot and ISK into your ships and then autopilot/ fly through known camping systems without a plan. Use the cloak - MWD trick, leave some cargo at one end of the pipe and take it through 0.5 in batches, get a blockade runner or DST. There are tons of options already available to you.


How many Gank ships float immediately outside the Jita or Amarr undocks? You can’t even align and warp before you’ve been scanned, appraised, and probably shot unless you use an Insta to get clear of the station first. You’ve got suicide terrorists literally within arm’s reach of a 1.0 station, and nobody can do anything about it b/c their Sec Status only goes down by fractions of fractions each time they kill someone in the hopes of cheap loot. Concord is SERIOUSLY slacking on their jobs, when known terrorists get a thousand warnings before they end up wanted Criminals.


Remember that fundamentally CONCORD is not protection it’s punishment. Until one of those ships violates high sec law AGAIN CONCORD doesn’t care. For every crime they lose a ship, then after their timer is up they’re free to go. Everything else is left to the faction police who only care for your empire standings, sec status, and militia status. If you don’t meet their minimum criteria they don’t care about you either.

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too hard

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Without suicide gankers how would anyone ever learn that this is a bad idea?

If you’re still getting caught docking or undocking from HS stations, as an older player, then that shows said player hasn’t learned anything and was unwilling to put in the tiniest amount of effort.

(un)docking bookmarks, it’s not difficult.


If you dont want to get suicide ganked its easy, leave high sec, i garuntee they wont suicide.


My point exactly. The penalties are too weak. So Gankers are getting away with murder thousands of times before they even start looking like someone the authorities would care about.

Let’s talk about what’s too hard, F1 monkey. Float in space, cargo scan a ship, press F1. Your job is such tough work. =)

I already mentioned those. But the point is that you shouldn’t have to use a bookmark to safely undock from a 1.0 station to avoid getting your ship blown out from under you.

Brilliant idea. They won’t “suicide”, b/c they won’t get punished for shooting you unprovoked. They just get your loot, and you get a fresh Clone.


Even IRL there are places that you have to be careful coming and going. It’s not like you need an undock bookmark in ever HS station. Really only 4 (and even then really only 2 or 3).

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literally more effort than undocking and pressing ctrl-A, that’s for sure

These people know how to fix their status there are two way to do so. One way is the slow way do some ratting the second way; well you’ll figure it out once you quit being a sissy carebear.

Studies suggest that new players, after they lose a week’s worth of work while mining, will generally tend to rethink their career choice. Ganking is working as intended.


This is Eve Online, it ain’t charity. Maybe one day UNICEF will get into the high sec business…