Remove suicide ganking from high sec

Suicide ganking should not be possible in high sec. I’m sick of no life morons from Code ruining the game for those of us who just want to mine in peace. Please make suicide ganking impossible.

I think you should look into any of the other space-themed games out there, which might suit what you are looking for better. Danger in all parts of space is a core tenet of EVE Online’s personality. High Security does not equal Omnipotent Security. Even in a real world major city the police are a reactionary element; Why would you expect them to be anything more than that here either?


Don’t compare Eve to the real world. Eve is unrealistic in practically every comparison with realism you can make. Eve physics is hilarious, and in the real world criminals get shot for good or go to prison. They don’t get to murder all day with the police reacting repeatedly all day.

Also, the word you were looking for was ‘tenet’.

No, and just no.

Not a ganker, but that’s just the death of the game. There’s no safety in this game. CONCORD are there to punish, not hold hands.


Thanks! English is not my primary language, so sometimes I make mistakes with vocabulary of similar construction.

Mining in a Hulk a few jump from Jita is not what one does to “mine in peace”. That is what an adrenaline junkie does. I mean chasing yield like that by flying the most fragile ship in the heart of New Order territory?

If you want to mine in peace, you do it like a sensible miner and find a quiet place and put some defenses on your ship. It’s great that Eve offers such diverse gameplay, so why would you want CCP to remove the game for us miners who like to mine in places and ways that are a little more ‘spicy’ than your taste for safe and AFK?


If you could mine “in peace”, the ore you harvest would be worthless. No risk = no reward. You can mine in peace on Singularity where the ore you mine has no impact on the Eve economy.


A real question is what do players who mostly operate in high security space want?
Do they really want a safe haven for mining and very non-pvp focused game play?
Does CCP want to cater to those players as well, or is pvp a core element they think should apply to all play styles in their game?
Do they value these kind of players or are they simply such a “Mine-ority” (sorry :grin:) in the game that it really is of no consequence to try and make high security space any safer than it is already in a way that ultimately would only reduce the experience for other players who want that in the game.

I always thought the whole “new order” code propaganda was a personal challenge and joke towards CCP that their high security space and a safe place for players to play in a relaxed environment either for non-pvpers or new players was an absolute fallacy that maybe they should make high security safer in the first place because the system they have now doesn’t protect those players one bit and code will grief every player they can whether they are a high sec mining vet or a day 1 toon just trying to build their first ship, CODE will be there to remind players and CCP that high sec is still just a joke and that their attempt to keep it safe for players for those reasons is a complete failure.

Just my thought anyways, who knows why code really do what they do. Boredom, profit, griefing, easy one-sided non-consentual pvp? Maybe they are sick of people sucking up all the ore in high sec they themselves want to mine on their alts and also the only pvp they enjoy in game is suicide ganking in high sec to correlate their mining efforts in high sec and they are simply defending their goals by attacking other players. Who knows…

A big part of the game is that a lot of people in all walks of eve online will often say one thing and do another, misdirection, misinformation and manipulation being a core part of the game not just between opponents but in some cases the only way to effectively govern players within their own groups to keep them focused on goals that might also support other intents and motives they are not aware of but ultimately serve in some either mutual or unwitting way.

Yet in this case his comparison is not wrong.

Mining in highsec should not be possible. We can see from monthly economic reports that vast majority of ore is mined in Delve and that highsec mining adds almost nothing to economy and mineral supply. Stop being a goofus and come to Delve!

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So the risk is much higher and reward lower in high sec space, to focus on player retention they need to boost security and rewards for mining in high sec so new players and those who want safe havens can have somewhere worthwhile to play how they want…

This sounds ridiculous as high sec should be safe, fine, but if mining was better for it then it would probably just mean more bots mining in high sec where they can more easily AFK, especially if they have an entire group dedicated to protecting their players or bots interests and fighting off potential competitors both players and bots.

My opinion is they should just make mining much harder in null sec where it should be more risk for the higher reward. Nerf rorquals and make them paper thin ships only as much stronger than the combined tank of a few barges with the same potential for yield as they should be not almighty tanks of industry that can ignore pvp endlessly until help arrives or cap boosters run out, they should need protection immediately from the start of engagement or be easily destroyed in less than a couple minutes without assistance.

Remove panic module, reduce rorqual tank, maybe boost their mining capabilities a little bit though. Risk and reward means more risk, more reward. Not making them safer and then nerfing the purpose of the ships abilities. I know that is not entirely the case with recent changes to them but they should not be vessels that can be used by small, inactive groups in null and should be extremely vulnerable targets compared to the potential gains they can give. Something the alliances they are involved with should encourage use of and protect themselves. Seems to be very safe for the most part if your in a big alliance they will always be able to tank out until help arrives not be a vulnerable target that can die quickly, so much so that even if they have help arrive eventually they should still die if they were not already prepared to defend it as soon as a threat presented itself. It’s almost like structures you get that window to not bother being there and then you just have to show up after the safe period is over and gives you time to assemble and show up before long after the moments needed to initially defend them.

I don’t think the problem is mining in high sec is not relevant enough but that mining in null is so relevant the game made it easier for them when it should have been the other way around the whole time. Now the safe havens exist somewhere between the rorquals abilities to take massive almost endless amounts of damage until their group wakes up and ships out to defend them.

really, i am not in code, i dont like code, but these posts are getting boring, look at the 4903259032590 other posts requesting the same thing. wont happen.


Several years ago, I did a lot of ice mining in Everyshore. There are 8 belts in 5 systems within a couple of jumps of each other. Needless to say this is a popular watering hole for both miners and gankers.

I quickly learned that my Procurer (and later Skiff) was completely safe as long as someone on grid was flying a Hulk or Mackinaw - and someone always was! I witnessed a lot of ganks but never participated.

Gankers - like the rest of us - want maximum value for minimum cost. There are a lot of things you can do to mitigate risk - start by making yourself an unattractive target!

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I’m ok with ganking to an extent and it’s easy to jump on the HTFU bandwagon to people like the OP, but EVE is losing players. That’s simply a fact that I don’t think they can ignore anymore.

There needs to be a place where “carebears” can be part of the game or they will go elsewhere. They shouldn’t be shielded from all combat but ganking has gotten a bit out of hand imo. Add to that all the other factors (trig rats, Npc miners, etc.) and you get people leaving. MMOs aren’t supported in subscriptions by pvp players, pve players are a much larger population. If they keep leaving, then we won’t have a game left.

I’m sick of clueless morons that think it’s OK to play a game without making any effort to learn what it is about and how to play it properly, and then demand changes to the game be made to meet their ridiculous expectations.


Keep in mind without destruction the materials you’re mining are worthless and if everyone can mine safely they will be doubly worthless.

My only concern about this mentality is that there IS a place where carebears can be part of the game. If they want to do their thing in peace, they can do so almost anywhere in hi sec space. I’m an explorer, and I jump through empty hi sec systems with plenty of freely available belts all the time.

So it’s not so much that these players just want to be able to mine or rat in peace–they want to do it where they want, when they want. They don’t want to look for an empty system. They don’t want to fleet up with friends who can defend their operations. They don’t want to pay for proper tanking and they don’t want to lower their yield by flying ships with more rapid align times. It takes only the slightest bit of work, but for some that seems to be too much.

Ganking isn’t really that prevalent in the vast expanse of systems that comprise hi sec–it’s typically concentrated in a few places that are well known and thus should be easily avoidable. I’m all for wanting to play solo in peace, and frankly, it’s pretty easy to do so. I can’t understand why certain players feel like they should be entitled to play in peace EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME with absolutely no additional preparation.


I get that, but people are going to do what people are going to do. We can’t say “if people would just do this” and consider the problem solved.

Maybe a better level of engagement for pve would help and give people incentives to move around more. Maybe simply a bonus to mining in systems that haven’t been mined?

In any case player retention should be a focus.

I’m just offering a different perspective, my own perspective, as I realize we hold opposing opinions on this topic; but you’ve posted your opinion and request, publicly and I wish to state, publicly, I disagree.

I like suicide ganking in highsec. It gives highsec an element of danger that without, without suicide ganking, and war decs, imo, highsec would just be boring. Boring.

With no chance for adventure, or misadventure, when absolutely nothing happens, for a subscriber such as myself, there is no reason to play.

As to the “highsec” should be safe argument put forth by many, I’m just going to quote something @Bjorn_Tyrson posted in this thread: Securing High Security Space

This is the best explanation I’ve read regarding the differences between high/low/null sec. If I could, I’d have that quote plastered all over the new player experience. I think that quote would help manage new player expectations, a lot.

So, Sir, with respect, I disagree with your position, and I want my voice to be heard as well.


Player retention doesn’t seem to go up, despite of high-sec getting safer. There are less gankers and most of the old vets are gone. Correlation?

Laziness isn’t going to be a good argument here. You’d think that the initiation should have given that hint. You want more safety? Find it. And you arerewarded for mining in systems that have been untouched for a while.

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