Solution to suicide gankers?

what if there was a hauler that had the invincibility module that the rorq has. but can travel through high sec. that way when the suicide gankers come for you u can turn on the shield and be safe until concord can come safe your ship. ofc you would want it to have no high slots so it couldn’t use its invincibility for pvp. but that way it would be safe to transfer valuable stuff in high-sec if u can afford the price of the ship. (not a carebear just want better supply lines)


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Over on the C&P forum there is a thread at the top with a few good methods when hauling.



Yes, you are.

There are already ample ways to haul in almost complete safety in highsec. No invincibility module is needed.


yes there are many ways to haul stuff and yes most of the time the people that get ganked make the mistake i just feel like a capital hauler that would be a lot harder to gank would be a better idea because all economics stay within a very few select stations making it very hard for any new person to get into it since they dont have 10 spam bots and it also makes it more annoying to try and get new t2 ships and other t2 items that are not really sold anywhere else. so i just feel as if the economy would expand further if hauler people could have a safer way to tranport goods to other markets and sell in other places.

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All reward and no risk.

Still. No


Nothing wrong with being a carebear in New Eden.


What if, instead, there was a button, usable only in high-sec, and only for mining ships and haulers, that when activated charges your banking institute $2.99 and it causes all targets to break target lock (including you, so no baiting with this bad boy), allows you 1 minute of complete invulnerability (but you can’t move, so again no baiting) and immediately calls Concord who will arrive and do their thing against the mean gankers.

It can be called the “get bent you ganking scrubs” button. And just think, CCP wouldn’t have to increase subscription prices.

Edit: it cannot be activated with plex or isk. Only RL monies. So no hoarding/farming plex invincibilities.


there would still be the risk of when it runs out if they don’t get to safety they can get attacked again while the module is on cooldown. but it basically would make it a lot harder for gankers to kill the ship making it a lot safer aswell as being a cap so it would already have a lot of EHP to deal with. but not impossible

$.50 per jump in hisec

don’t give ccp anymore ideas :rofl:

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No. Its still not risky enough. These anti ganking threads are old and tired


Wouldn’t be fun as there would be no challenge. Part of the fun of moving stuff from A to B in Eve is figuring out how to avoid the gate camps, whether the risks of alternate routes are worth it, and the occasional “SURPRISE! You were wrong!” moments. I haul stuff all around Hi and lowsec all the time, been got a few times. I just buy a new ship and continue to march on.


i dont mean to bring up old topics but still think that high sec is ment to be somewhat less risky. (but most likely just want it so that its easier for me to get stuff from my corps (wh) so i just need a high sec space to get to a market not a wh directly to jita.

High security doesnt mean less risk.

Risk isnt defined by security space

High sec has CONCORD and facpo and fac navy
Low sec has gate guns

Null has none.

Null sec is lawless space, where as high sec is full of laws and punishments for those who break the laws.

This, right here.


You could always move it out to the closest station and then Red Frog it from there if you want to really be safe, but it’s going to be costly that way. There are quite a few ways to avoid being ganked; you just have to be smarter than they are (not too difficult, TBH.)

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Tackle rorq says hello.

No “get out of gank free” buttons. -1

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No ! Ganking is necessary. Learn to fly better. Watch dscan setup up insta docks etc


If people would put the same amount of effort into actually figuring out how to not be a target in EVE as they put into rage threads once they become a target… they’d not have been a target in the first place.