High sec ganking

Let concord confiscate wrecks of victims and put it in asset safety , if they are police in high they should be policing for real.

Not only no, but hell no. Asset safety for citadels is bad enough already. You don’t want to lose your stuff? Fly smarter. Don’t try to carry 1,234,567,890 Billion ISK worth of crap in a completely untanked freighter…


CONCORD are not the police…try again.


If it’s realism that you want, then you should lose absolutely everything when your ship explodes…


…and then your PC self destructs.

Well then stop calling it High sec.

High Security is a relative term, not an absolute.

Let me guess. You tried to fly through Uedama with only cargo expanders installed…

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I usually use a scout, but thanks for the advice.

Concord are not police.

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Why are they coming and killing the attackers then? For lulz?

Because that’s the mechanic.
You commit a crime you lose your ship.

It’s between Concord and the gankers. It has nothing to do with the victim’s ship or modules.

Ok, but in this mechanic both sides are punished, that doesnt make sense unless you profit from it.

Gankers do make profit from it, since oblivious freighter pilots run around untanked, autopiloting through known ganker systems while carrying 187 Quadrillion ISK in cargo…


It’s not guaranteed that the gankers profits from it either. So…

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Freighter tanks are lulz, lets just not go there.

And some gankers don’t do it for profit, either. They just do it to be doing it.

Look at Zkill and tell me how many fully tanked freighters you see getting ganked on there. Not many. There’s a reason for that…

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So, real talk, kid. Your idea is so bad, it’ll never be implemented by CCP.

Instead, you can use this opportunity to improve as a player and get better. But I know kids like you and I know you won’t. Instead, you’ll complain and whine about how it’s unfair this and unfair that.

The choice is your’s,ffriend.

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I just looked at the 20 most recent high sec freighter ganks and only one of them was fully tanked, but it was also carrying 15 billion ISK worth of crap, making it profitable for the gankers to throw some extra ships at it…

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