Punish Pirates in high sec

A lot of people are about to scream and complain about this topic. Many will say this is not an issue and its all working as intended trying to keep this as a norm, mainly those who benefit to greatly from highsec piracy and ganking. I will get told I am wrong, slandered, insulted and berated. SO here we go.

Its a true wonder why piracy is has not been punished harder. It would be a great help for the highsec pve carebears who want to be left alone from the elitists and general pvp of the game.

Easy ways to solve this issue is to not allow Pirates or people with extremely negative rep to be ban from using highsec Gates. To have Concord put up warp bubbles to target pirates and kill them. Have concord send out logistical ships to repair and keep players being ganked by high pirates alive. Some of the ideas to deal with pirates are so basic its very dumbfounding that systems like this are not in place to such high and advanced society’s that are in Eve.

I really would love to come back to the game but High Sec PvP is just to toxic to deal with getting constantly ganked. If found myself getting ganked in smaller ships like frigates and Destroyers just as often as larger ships like battleships. I find it hard to even use mining barges without getting ganked.

For all of you who say this is just apart of the game and I should just deal with it, I whole heartedly disagree with you. High sec Pirates and associated ganking should NOT be a thing in this game.


Have you tried contacting your local government representative or regulatory body?

It’s very obvious that CCP WON’T do anything about this (either because they don’t know how, or worse yet, because they support criminal activity), so it’s obvious that we’ll need to seek relief elsewhere. Since these scumbags are destroying real-life financial assets (where do you think the PLEX in my cargo came from, you basement-dwelling virgin idiots!?), it should be feasible to get lawmakers involved in this matter to get these people sanctioned for their criminal activities.

I’ve been writing my local House representative for a while now, and I suggest you do the same (or the closest analogue for wherever you live if it’s not the US). Also, if you get killed and the loss is considerable, don’t hesitate to file a police report, because you want this down on paper somewhere.

With some luck, we’ll be able to pass regulations that would make it illegal for game makers to allow such acts in their video games, and CCP will have to adjust their game to reflect the needs of the people who play it, and to be compliant with local laws, or they’ll be barred from doing business where we’re successful, which would hurt their bottom line, so obviously they won’t let it happen.

In a perfect world, we’d also be able to enforce real-life legal consequences on video game gankers, but that’s a longer-term goal, and we need to do this strategically in order to not lose the initiative completely.


Ah yes a very elaborate way of insulting and even berating me. Forum Warrior at work here.


I make a positive, supportive, sincere reply, and you insult me?

Ganking my forum post like that makes you no better than the sociopath griefers who gank your ships within the game. Whose side are you even on?


That’s a joke. You can’t even post a thread that’s even a little spicey in the forums. They don’t “support” criminal activity, they cater to the whinny gankers who don’t know how to do anything else.

The OP is spot on!



really, thats all you have to say?


Uh because you’re playing EVE. Its intended game play :smiley:

Uh. High sec doesn’t mean total sec. Also, do you not know the lore of the game you play? LOL.

Oh so you don’t even play and are asking for major game changes? Yea, you can HTFU.

Also, it just sounds like you suck at EVE.

You can disagree, but it is intended gameplay. Cry moar tho :smiley:

You know you’re playing EVE right?



If you want help, I can teach you. And if not, go play Elite Dangerous or something, and stop trying to kill other people’s game play because you are incapable/unwilling to learn from your mistakes.



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I had to fly to delve to succeed at being killed.

@L_Amour Perfect comparison to gankers:

How about you take some precautions instead. You were flying Marauders, which were tanked pretty sparingly for what they were, around popular mission hubs. At least Apanake is one, not sure about Osmon.

If you want to not be a worthy target, you have to fly something relatively cheap (like a T1 battleship) and tank it properly, which in case of armor tank would probably mean dual plates, DCU, some membranes and a full set of T1 armor rigs.

Also have the local chat in it’s own window with the list of players visible (this should probably come standard). You will see it light up with flashy reds before any gank.


So, why are you not pinging d-scan every 3 seconds and keeping an eye on local?

Why are you not pre-aligned?

Why are you not taking precautions to protect your space ships and expecting everyone else to do it for you?

Pixel Space is dangerous mate. It’s how CCP designed it. High-Sec is exactly that. Higher security. But it doesn’t say anything about being a “safe-space.” That’s what stations and station spinning are for.




Thanks. I needed that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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‘Ganker’ isn’t EVE lore. It’s Pirate :smiley: and Jack Sparrow’s case is definitely not the generality. Moreover, to base judgment on an entire section of players who are merely playing the game according to its rules on some Hollywood movie character is a new one.



You’d have better luck taking online PvP out of call of duty.


Highsec piracy is a supported and intended game play.

EVE Online

Under “WHAT IS EVE ONLINE”, third line down:

Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.

“piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems”

“in-game professions and activities”

Player pirates in highsec are intended. Piracy as a player career option is advertised “across 7,000 star systems” right now by CCP.

Highsec is part of those 7,000 star systems.

Player piracy is intended and supported by CCP.

I respect your opinion that:

But, I disagree.

I think player piracy should be encouraged, as it keeps Highsec from being boring in my opinion.


I’m actually all for ganking in highsec…it prevents life becoming boring, and also provides opportunity for anti-gank roleplay.

But I do think there has to be a better way of doing things. For example, it is totally absurd that people with -10 security status can tether up at highsec structures.

I also find it absurd that whilst all the rest of us know precisely who all the pirates are in any system, Concord seem to forget. Everyone being treated equal…despite the fact that we all know that pirates are only in a system for one reason, is absurd. There ought to be some form of penalty for being a member of a ganker group…after all, Eve doesn’t seem to have any problem associating people with their group when it comes to denying repair capability.

So you have the absurd situation where 40 gankers in Uedama can gank 800 ships in one afternoon…and the thick officers of Concord never stop and say ’ hold on…hasn’t that character already ganked 22 ships here today ? ’

How do gankers get away with claiming ganking has been nerfed, when a few dozen can gank 800 ships in an afternoon ??