Punish Miners In Hisec

A lot of people are about to scream and complain about this topic. Many will say this is not an issue and its all working as intended trying to keep this as a norm, mainly those who benefit to greatly from highsec mining and whining. I will get told I am wrong, slandered, insulted and berated. SO here we go.

Its a true wonder why mining is has not been punished harder. It would be a great help for the eve community who want a less toxic pvp game away from the elitists and general carebears.

Easy ways to solve this issue is to not allow mining or people with extremely entitled attitudes in barges to be mining and be banned from using highsec Gates. To have Concord put up warp bubbles to target miners and kill them. Have concord send out logistical ships to repair and keep PvPers from being targeted by drones and AG. Some of the ideas to deal with miners are so basic its very dumbfounding that systems like this are not in place to such high and advanced society’s that are in Eve.

I really would love to come back to the game but High Sec PvE is just to toxic to deal with getting constantly harassed. If found myself getting harassed and threatenrd in smaller ships like frigates and Destroyers just as often as larger ships like battleships. I find it hard to even use Catalysts without getting IRL threats.

For all of you who say this is just apart of the game and I should just deal with it, I whole heartedly disagree with you. High sec mining and associated entitlement should NOT be a thing in this game.


Not that I agree or disagree with the overall thought. But being a bit more specific might be helpful.

Kind of showing your age (be it physical or mental). Not sure who things HS is “safe space”, but they are sadly mistaken.

Doesn’t sound like it. It’s not like Mining is a new career, there have always been miners in New Eden, regardless of their attitude, they have as much right to play the game as you… Besides, they’re fun to shoot at.
Since you’re not coming back to the game, may I have your stuff? :smiley:

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The words appear to be English. But the way you string them together makes no sense at all.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Well this is rather bizarre



No idea what he’s ranting about with miners.

Wow, you people have really short memories.

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He complains that he gets insulted and threatened when he attacks miners with his Catalysts. He wants to be showered with love instead of having his miserable situation augmented even further by a game where he plays a criminal.





I happen to remember this topic and appreciate this greatly. :rofl::rofl:

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hi Dyvinex Ssasen i mine in hisec and dont get any probs mining is part of eve the mats make ships modules etc and support pvp and pve no part of eve is safe as for the entitlement i dont see it come back and enjoy what you enjoy doing

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Miner griefing is OUT OF CONTROL.

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I think Monty Python got there first…

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I’m glad whatever entity came up with this mishmash of thoughts? doesn’t exist and since it’s an obvious troll I wish I could ignore it…but I can’t because I already “read” it.

There should be a filter for posts with such bad English!


To modify a quotation from a certain blog, I am not entitled, I practice elite player vs ore combat. :smiling_face:


Nay ! I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who’s utterly entitled grammar and spelling teacher was ganked by Concord in the very manner they suggest.


Yet another PvP’er who thinks that all other playstyles are stupid and should be eliminated from the game. In a sandbox MMO, you push the guardrails outward, not pull them in so everyone is forced to travel the same highway. These posts come up every few weeks, and no one ever seems to learn.


Some miner hurt your feelings looks like

You are just nuts…what gankers will hit if there’s no miners in HS?

Yeah put concord to kill them so hard to kill a barge with pvp ships that you need concord to do it… that shows you suck at pvp…

I think YOU should not be a thing in this game… wait, your are not hahahah


It’s hard to know to what extent ‘Poe’s Law’ applies here.


Wonder why this troll thread is still open. :thinking:

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