Highsec Mining during Wardecs


I’m a highsec miner and my corp got into a war with another corp, and of course, I got killed in highsec without anyone interfering. To me, it’s basically impossible to do profitable highsec mining right now, as I have to leave every few minutes. Of course, I could adapt to nullsec behaviour, but I’m a noob and I chose to mine at highsec because of highsec rules and thus there should be some kind of help.

You might argue that my corp mates should help, but they can’t protect one system all day so that I can do some highsec mining. Or they are just too far away, or because they are AFK/offline, or for whatever reason. Fact is, my corp (and probably the vast majority of any other corp) can’t help me - a highsec miner.

And thus I think there should be a solution to this. I’m a noob at EVE and there might be tons of better ideas to this, but I could imagine a small number of NPC-support to high sec systems, where corporation stations are present so that small ships will have to face a certain risk when attacking mining ships in these systems - instead of applying nullsec rules in highsec + local chat clutter for some extra camouflage.

Maybe this whole topic is noob-ish, but that’s the point! I am a noob and have to leave my corporation just to get highsec rules back. And doesn’t EVE always mean “you have to commit to a certain risk to achieve things/make profit”? Well, that’s not the case here. Thanks to all the local clutter it’s even easier than nullsec ganking.

Just un-anchor all the corporate structures and the problem will go away.


Honestly, this entire post sounds like a low effort troll, OP is smart enough to understand that what he wants to do is bad but willfully refuses to embrace solutions, and just repeats the same meme parroted by other bad players.

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If he wants to pay CCP money, then how can it be bad?

The specific idea he wants is an NPC fleet that protects him, which can’t really exist in the way he thinks it will. Effectively, he wants CCP to create a set of NPCs that would protect him from potential attacks by other players (because Concord already takes care of what happens AFTER the attack).

So he wants CCP to be able to read the minds of players who come into the system, ID the ones who have the intent of ganking OP, and then send a fleet of NPCs to stop this evil-doer.

I think you misunderstood. It’s about wardecs, where players are allowed to attack each other without any NPC interfering. So, there is no CONCORD and no Navy Faction. It’s just me and the opontent. Just like nullsec.

I’m not asking for a fleet that keeps me allive for sure. I’m asking for some kind of help at highsec. If I die and my oponent, well he then had to at least invest anything. Right now, they simply come by with a Catalyst and shoot me till I’m dead, loot what is left and fly back home - in highsec. No risk to it at all.

I mean, Concord already does this. The ganker already loses his ship…?

Then… don’t be in a wardec’d corporation? This is LITERALLY the point of high sec wardecs.


CONCORD does this if there is no war between both pilots’ corporations. As said, they can just attack you in highsec and no NPC will mind this aggression. My point is, that this is breaking the rules of highsec a little too much.

And (not) being in wardec isn’t something I can influence on, without leaving my corporation. And this just isn’t a solution.

Omigosh, did you know that you can shoot those guys back?

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In a Barge?

A skiff with combat drones will beat a catalyst.

That IS a solution.
Which do you value more?

Your Corporation? Congrats, find a workaround with your corpmates.
Your personal wallet and mining? Congrats, leave and now you can mine.

You are not in a player corporation, nor is there any record of you being killed.

On the off chance you really are some misguided new player, I suggest you bone up on the latest changes to war declaration mechanics:

It is chock-full of new ways you can avoid or end a war.

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Well, as said. There is no solution to this and of course, leaving your corp, because you are no longer allowed to undock as a miner, just isn’t right.

The Catalyst can by the way just shoot the drones. This is what happened to me (5x ECM drones + 5x combat drones). The catalyst took quite some damage, but it really wasn’t difficult for him to kill me.

As said, I’m not asking for an overpowered but for some kind of support, because mining in highsec is by it’s nature different than nullsec. However, this thing suddenly turns high to nullsec rules.

Yes, this character is an alt because it doesn’t matter who I am in-game, nor do my killmails matter.

Yeah, see? Got plenty of troll vibes from this kid from the beginning. Enjoy complaining into the abyss, friend, CCP won’t care.

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I think you’ll find that in Eve, it very much does matter. Your reputation is everything.

Best of luck then anonymous alt! o7

Maybe not EVERYTHING . . .

Sure it is. Find a corp that knows how to setup their structures properly so that the corp is shielded from wardecs. I’m pretty sure that’s what many do? Shell corp etc?

As others have said, CCP has already changed wardecs to make staying out of it is a choice. It’s not their fault that you CHOSE to be a part of a corp that can be wardec’d

My reputation is 0.0 basically. As said, I am a noob who did not make it out of highsec yet, but I joined a corporation that is at war. Hence, their attack was not against me in person, but against my corporation, which - of course - is fine. However, this current setup does not allow noobs to join corporations, when they are at war.

I don’t mind the loss, I don’t mind the war, I don’t mind EVE being rough. But I mind that there is nobody who can help players like me, because of the nature of this situation.

If you’re not seeing this, you’re either a veteran who is just bored to death, or you are enjoying this very harsh rule by hunting easy targets.