Station camped by NPC's in lowsec?

Recently came back to Eve after a 2 year hiatus. Just wondering what the thought process was behind putting super-rats into the game that pursue you for weeks and station camp you?

I killed one NPC mining barge in lowsec and lost a blingy vigilant for it, having no idea that action would trigger a super blob of NPCs that requires a fleet or a carrier to deal with. I’ll accept that loss, lesson learned and all. But to have NPC fleets from multiple mining corps warping to my home station and tackling/aggressing me, for weeks, seems absurd. What’s the deal here? Do they follow me forever? Every time I warp to a belt or sit on station I get attacked by rats I can’t solo in a HAC or faction BS?

This just seems dumb. Having talked to people who’ve dealt with these fleets (by dropping caps on them) they don’t drop anywhere near enough rewards to be worth the risk. Why put this in game? I understand wanting to introduce more risk to highsec but in lowsec I have cloaky T3s and Retribution blobs, this just seems like unnecessary NPC fuckery.


CCP makes the best bots.


Now you know how those poor saps under wardec being station camped for weeks in high sec feel.

Who’s laughing now?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It’s potentially worse in high-sec. Station camped in high-sec by wardecs, the NPCs you took a poke at in the mining belts and raiders from FOBs.


Skynet has become self aware


Adapt or die wow is that way :point_right:t3: , that’s what us lowly peeps in high-sec keep being told.


Just don’t use a kickout station and you will be fine

Not sure why CCP put that crapass NPC content in the game.


Maybe it’s an attempt to get players to fleet up or maybe get players to go to Null Sec (was gonna say Low Sec too but obviously it’s happening there as well).


it was more like this
CCP: the players want more and new pve content, so lets add content that have low rewards and require multiple people, but also if you take multiple people and in better ships the fleets respond.

Players: no one actively running new content enmasse

CCP: we don’t get it, why is no one rushing out and playing the new content? well lets scrap it.


I don’t mind if the rats try to take a poke at me, but could we at least give them a decent bounty so they’re worthwhile shooting? I’m all for “emergent” content but when there is 100% risk and 0% reward it’s just pointless. Especially since mining is already a thankless activity…


A CCP dev will be along shortly to tell you ‘it was an experiment in scaling difficulty. We wished to observe how players respond to more difficult content.’

In actuality, somebody thought it might be a nice change and decided to put it in (good try!). But then they implemented it poorly and didn’t think through the consequences (bad design!). So they assigned some programmer to pop in tough NPCs who hold a grudge, and lo, he did exactly that (good coding!). But then they forget to test how those NPCs would actually perform in-game (bad QA!).

And now they’ve simply left that system to fester while they figure out how to make new events that are simultaneously harder, less rewarding, and thank players for their continuing loyalty while actively dissuading players from bothering to participate.

As with many things CCP, you need to take the good with the bad. Oh, and HTFU. And grow some balls. And stop with the ‘always expecting to be rewarded’ thing: real life isn’t like that, why should EVE be?

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You should listen, it’s great advice.

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They behave that way, because players would behave that way.

Everything else is just “unrealistic” (from the perspective of a Capsuleer) and too easy-mode.

Greed is never a good driver for game-play. Not only does it suck the fun out of playing for playing’s sake, it just leads to everything getting farmed eventually. Clearly that is not supposed to happen here, and I thank CCP for that.

We actually engaged some rats in lowsec. The rats actually rfed the citadel belonging to an allyin response. It was pretty funny. We actually had to form a fleet to fight them off.

@ccp - we’ll done on the AI that behaves like players!


Guess you missed CCP’s memo - ‘Greed Is Good’.

Whether it’s padding Killmail stats, collecting fat lootz, expanding territory or banking ISK, the driver for that gameplay content is nothing but pure unadulterated GREED, especially here in Eve.


No players would not behave that way. They would get bored and move on, or we would form and dunk them. They would not instantly reappear in system any time I undock. These things do not behave like players and there is no incentive to engage them.


Why don’t you form and dunk them then? Isn’t driving them from “your” system incentive enough? Or keeping your stuff?

CCP loves to hint these things behave in complex ways and do things we haven’t at all figured out. You could try interacting with them and figuring out what will send them off.

Or perhaps go make peace with their corp. Probably anything in-game is better than complaining on the forums about how there are consequences for your actions in-game that you don’t like. That usually doesn’t go over well here.

People have been asking for years to make standings matter more and PvE more like PvP and a more organic part of the universe. Well CCP is delivering.

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Sure they would. It is lowsec. When you are in someone’s territory, you will get hunted, killed or driven off. That is exactly what players would do. In any way, if you think there is no incentive to engage them, then there really is no reason to be bothered about them either. vOv

Wow, these things really camp your station for weeks? LOL. I guess I’m impressed.