NPC Cyno Ganks?

Hey peeps, just had a strange occurrance and was unable to find any documents on it on google so I was wondering if anyone had ever ran into this issue before.

I had a Cyno alt get popped by an NPC gank just recently. I’ve came in/out of that system before, but today I undocked, warped to safe to check what was on grid, warped back and popped the cyno. To my surprise, a full NPC fleet just warped in on my venture and completely wiped me out of existence lol.

Grid was clear when I undocked, but as soon as I lit the Cyno they were on me ( as well as the player Sabre in system ) not a big deal but … like why the NPC’s felt the need to gank me on station ( Pirate station ) I have no idea, i’ve used that spot before so I’m trying to find a way to tell exactly why this happened to either prevent it in the future or just prepare for it lol.

What kind of rats were they? Trigs can appear if there is a WH in system leading to Pochven. FOBs can have Guristas or Blood Raiders. Incursion can have roaming Sansha.

Def no incursion, they were ‘diamond’ something. Honestly didn’t check for WH or FOBs but it was an angel pirate station for sure. I have docking so idk.

Now I only do HS incursions but I have never seen/heard of roaming sansha. I know NPCs are replaced by sansha. So in LS incursions there are often sansha gate camps that replaced the rats there.

I support this.

I was told people care less if ganks are done by NPCS rather than players :smiley:


Diamond rats are likely from a FOB.

NPC ganking is starting to get completely out of control. I hope CCP does something about this soon, before all the players quit and the game finally dies…

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Have them on your overview they will kill anyone without standings to them and then pod them afterwards. Welcome to the new Eve.

And if they were diamond rats, by gaining standing with them they eventually turn blue and don’t attack you.

Yes. They even help you when attacked if the other person is red to them.

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