I understand CCP's desire to end AFK mining but come on

Hey Folks,

So when did rats start dropping into belts like this?

Last night I was just mining with some bros in a 0.6 HS system, somewhat AFK while doing some PI.

Suddenly my friends and I see these guys on Dscan. Someone asked “wtf is a sansha venture?”

Someone speculated they were mission NPC’s

Within 15 seconds they were on grid.

They point, web and rep, and they hate drones.

A venture and a retriever were lost.

If I didn’t have 15 hobs in cargo to throw at them, I would have lost my Orca as well.

Can’t find any info about it, if it’s an anomally or when this was introduced.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s been a while:

They do respect standing so you must have done some terrible things to their friends over the years to get such a response! But the good news is that there is a pirate structure in that system that you and your friends can go after to get your revenge.


Also, if you or once of your friends in fleet attacked that Sansha Venture thinking it was “a mission NPC” then their defence fleet warps in attacks you.
It’s a Sansha mining ship, not a random easy bit of flying bounty ISK.

Still, Shoot First…

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About two years ago…


Yeh, recently returned from a 3-year break. Reading patch notes is hard now that they come out every 2 weeks.
Thanks for the info, guess we’ll have to ship up!

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