Nullsec Venture?

This isn’t something that excites me but I was asked to help newbros get set up and, has anybody successfully mined in a nullsec belt with belt rats around in a Venture? If so, how? It seems like something I’m going to be asked. We’re in Sansha space if it matters.

It’s been a while since I tried it in a Venture and if I recall I had some trouble staying alive.

The Endurance is great at it: use your three drones to kill the smaller pirate ships and use your afterburner while orbiting the rock to signature tank the bigger pirate ships. I could stay solo in an ice belt indefinitely.

The idea for the Venture would be similar, except you have only two drones, less shield tank and most likely low character skills as we’re talking about newbies. So I think they may not have not enough damage to kill the smaller NPCs solo and may not have enough speed and shield regeneration to not have to warp off every now and then when bigger NPCs show up.

They would have less trouble if they don’t do it solo but are part of a mining fleet. Having a Porpoise with shield repairs to keep them alive, as well as other ships with drones to deal with the NPCs will make staying in the belt much easier!

And if they want to mine solo, they’ll quickly have to learn when to warp off.

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I was using a prospect last year to do this in Great Wildlands. In a system with multiple belts, not every belt is guaranteed to have NPCs. You can still get unlucky and every belt having NPCs though. NPCs can and do warp around in the system, so avoiding them can be part of a DScan challenge.

However, Angels are not Sansha. Sansha are tough because they deal decent damage still at range. Afterburner fit and not blowing up signature radius with shield extenders may be able to speed tank everything cruiser and above, but it will take real live practice to know for sure.

It took me actually going out and risking the ship to learn what Angel ships i could and couldn’t speed tank with certain fits, for anomalies. However, for belts it was simply easier to look for belts without NPCs.

Edit: also, you probably already know this, but with newbies you’re not going to be mining Mercoxit, unfortunately.

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