What is the secret of ninja mining?

So recently moved to null sec. Missions there are easy, no issues. Mining on the other hand…

How the hell do you mine with a venture in null sec?
“Recognizing the dire need for a ship capable of fast operation in unsafe territories, ORE created the Venture.”

My goal is to jump to a belt or anomaly, quickly grab a couple cycles of ore, then run. But belt rat battleships with support frigate jump in after 10 seconds of mining. Or they are already there waiting for me.

And so far trying to orbit the rock I’m mining at high speeds to keep transversal up has not worked.

What am I missing? How do people that fly something like the Prospect deal with the belt spawns?

Have a combat ship to clear the belt spawns, pretty much.

Dangerous territory means space owned by someone else. Not active combatants on-grid with you.

Before I go investing training into this,

“Blessed with a small signature radius and extra hitpoints, a Prospect equipped with a Medium Shield Extender and a 1MN Afterburner can easily tank nullsec asteroid belt NPCs.”

Is this true or is CCP trying to bait people?


But actually a venture can do it too. With restrained MSE, AB, scoped miner, you can tank the NS rats pretty easily.

However you won’t tank the sabre.

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Not sure about the Prospect, but I do know from experience that the other expedition frigate, the Endurance, can survive null rats. 3 drones to take out frigates, destroyers and cruisers, and anything up can easily be sig tanked by turning on the afterburner and orbiting the rock.

The Prospect doesn’t have a drone bay to take out the smaller NPC ships, so I’m not sure if it can handle the enemy frigates and may get into trouble when NPC rats point you. On the other hand, the Prospect does have a smaller sig than the other two frigates so it may be able to tank all damage.

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Have a look at this:
Alpha Clone Guide to Low Sec Ratting by Reload
Theses basics also work in nullsec belts.

It’s not a long train into a combat frigate or destroyer.