Mining Missions for NPC Pirates

(Citizen Alice) #1

Can these even be completed? I have positive standings with the faction, but the rats (of the same faction) warp in and still shoot at me. In NPC null space, this DPS is more than even a single skiff could tank, even for a level 1 mission. Am I doing something wrong?

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Stop warping to belts and instead go to the mission area to mine the required ore?

(Kiddoomer) #3

Belts rats warp to the mining mission anomaly so it’s not that, could it be some diamond NPC by any chance ?

A skiff should be able to tank about any kind of belts rat composition in nullsec, removing diamond NPC and drifters if you annoy them.

(Citizen Alice) #4

No, no diamond rats, but it’s 2 BCs and 3 Cruisers. Do I really have to use a 200mil+ isk ship for a level 1 mission?

This seems so broken.

(Dread Saboteur) #5

Mining missions spawn waves comparable to belts so if you run for pirates I asume 0.0 then it’s normal to get triple bs plus triple cruiser spawn. If it was highsec you’d barely get few frigs

(Kiddoomer) #6

Yes it’s not like regular security missions, you get the exact same spawns as asteroid belts of the same security sector. So it’s not related to the level of the missions.

If it’s broken or not, well mining missions haven’t been touched for about a decade.

(Citizen Alice) #7

Well, thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it.

This is really too bad, I can’t believe the devs never looked at this or fixed it. The difficulty is one thing, but getting shot at by the same faction’s rats is just ridiculous.