High Sec belt rats with warp disruptors

Hello fellow miners and industrialists. I had recently a weird encounter in a High Sec asteroid belt. Just to say that I have been mining in different locations for many months and never have encountered such belt rats and I am now wondering if I had some weird special event or encounter or what the hell it was.

After warping into an asteroid field I see something that I have never seen before. Blood Raider belt rats with a Venture. These were clearly visible in my Overview tab for NPC and PVP ships (I am using the default PVP Ships overview tab). They seemed to warp off or just disappeared from my overview. So I ignored this weird Blood Raider Venture sighting and started doing my own business.

Suddenly I notice that I am being warp disrupted and shot at but no ship was visible in the “PVP Ships” overview. Confused I started to cycle through all my overview tabs, from General to Mining and what not and lo and behold my attackers were visible only in “Mining” overview tab. That in itself is already weird. But at first nothing special seemed to be: couple Blood Raider Punishers firing at me so I released my 5 light drones and let at them. And suddenly I notice that my drones don’t do ■■■■ against these NPC rats. I have had never ever any issues with downing belt rats with my drones and I have good drone skills (levels 4 and 5). But these Blood Raider Punishers were weird. I could not damage their armor and they were warp disrupting me and finally they shot me down and I lost a good old Retriever.

Does anyone else have encountered such belt rats? Are they known entity or event? I am wondering now do all NPC rats in asteroid belts now wield warp disruptors? That seems a little out of place. I filed a complaint to customer support too just in case so let’s see what they will anser.


Possibly a FOB in system or close by, did the rats have diamond icons in the name?

Now if you mentioned it… yes I clearly remember the Venture to have a diamond in its name.

Yeah that is a FOB, you can see if one is in system by going to the Agency > Encounters > Pirate Strongholds, they are dangerous so i suggest moving to another system until it is taken out.

Thank you for this info. Live and learn. Now I will pay more attention to FOB’s when doing my mining.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


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