Whats with the rats in high sec space

Im returning to the game after about a four year break, I ve lost two lokis and a couple hulks to rats in high sec belts. WTF . These guys called absolute lancers or something like that and just killed what looked like drifter sleepers or named sleepers in a 0.5 belt. Should I be rotating belts more often, ive noticed these guys will come in after an hour or so in belt.

Don’t attack the lancers … they call reinforcement of Drifter Battleships which doomsday you off the field. They use a new AI, remember you and follow you around. Compared to years ago, there are a lot more dangers in highsec from rats. But usually you are left alone, if you do not attack first. FOBs (google it) are the exception.

yea , i definetly got doomsdayed about 15 mins ago. hard to lose a billion isk to these guys.

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Here is a list of things to be careful about:

The last two also have a new AI and response fleets similar to a player gang in stats and tactics (tackle, logi, DPS, kiting, …)


Yesterday I log on TQ for the first time in a long time and to get get a feel of TQ again. 4 hours pass and I explore a little, did my first abyssal site on TQ, all good fun.

Then I d-scan, force of habit and notice a Blood Raider FOB in the system I was in, so I left and went to another system 2 jumps over, only to discover another Blood Raider FOB.

Those things are madness and are surrounding me. I logged of since it was pointless to continue.

By the way those FOBs are a good way to keep players from logging on.


Similar. :rofl: I wish we had this kind of tanky Ospreys. A kingdom for an Osprey that can easily tank carrier DPS.

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Mine does but you need to have 3 or more in your logi wing.

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There’s no sec in high sec.

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I think its overkill, they killed my loki in literally 5 secomds,. does anyone know what kind of loot they drop.


The Drifters? Nothing of value.

id like to note, just in case you haven’t experienced this yet, but just by warping onto grid with diamond rats causes them to call for backup. Basically if you do have the misfortune of occupying the same grid quickly gtfo.

Cause high sec miners know what these types of rats are

I just had this happen today to a friend. He did not engage the Gurista mining fleet, but he got attacked as soon as he landed on the belt, by these gang fleet rats (yes they looked and responded as a gang fleet)Forget_suicide_ganking_npc's_will_get_you_for_sure

i think its because you have negative standings with them, which is normal if you have missioned or just killed the reg belt rats.

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hmm, thats close to my area. Next time it happens if i’m on, i’ll help your friend out.

He just started mining, and haven’t killed enough rats to have negative standing with them :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

:smiley: i had a VERY different experience lol

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