Diamond Rats in High Sec

As a newly returning player I knew nothing about these so-called Diamond Rats in high sec that come swooping in on you in the asteroid fields and other places. I was very upset to find out the hard way when about 8 overpowered Rats came swooping in on me while in a very expensive mining ship and warped locked me targeted me and blew my ship up.

It was heart breaking and I was very upset to have lost my ship that took forever to save up and buy. I thought it was other players ganking me at first until during my cries for help in local came to see if what I say was true because they thought I was lying then once they seen for themselves what was going on they informed me what was happening they tried to help but between us both still was not able to do anything. The other player left, and I held as long as I could till, they popped my ship. I was in tears over it. There should not be that strong of rats swooping in on people in a high sec area where I thought I’d be safe and blowing up people’s expensive ships costing them months of setback in the game.

Not all people have the luxury of playing with friends in a group and I would say there are a lot of solo players. This kind of happenings makes people want to quit playing the game all together because it’s no fun watching months of hard work go up in smoke within a few minutes. There should some kind of warning of these and to be honest they should be in low sec null or wormholes and keep high sec safe void of rats like that because everyone knows of the dangers going into those areas but to have them swoop in and pop players mining ships in what I thought was a safe place for me being a solo player at the time in High Sec is just wrong.

High Sec should be kept as a Safe Haven for the players that don’t have anyone to run with. Also, it’s terrible how we have all those once great mining ships like Mackinaw, Retrievers, and the Hulk etc., that now people just keep them parked because of how the game is now put together. It’s such a waste of once used to be great ships to have for mining and reduces us to a little frigate mining ship that we have to constantly run to the hub and unload not to mention the downgrades of our once great haulers that now can’t even haul a decent load of ore to the market to be sold. It’s heartbreaking and such a big disappointment now in the game.

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High sec is not and never has been „safe“.

You can predict where Diamond rats are spawning by paying attention to Forward Operating Bases in The Agency. And also not hanging around the red diamond mining NPCs.

A tough lesson but the only way forward is to learn and grow with experience, not beg to try to change the game with every loss so you don’t have to change.


Well now you know something you didn’t before and are a more experienced player better able to survive @Nikkita_Hanomaa . Have you thought about hanging out in rookie help channels and keeping an eye on local to spread the word about what you have leaned to other new players? Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had done that for you and warned you what a FOB was and how to keep safe? Have you considered being a part of the game and sharing your knowledge to help others, thereby enriching the player experience for everyone and building your reputation in the community? Or do you just want to whine like a petulant child who lost his ball?


Farmville is that way. Full of joy and sunshine where you can be left alone forever.

ONCE??? THEY ARE STILL GREAT :joy: :joy: Many people use all the exhumers! Even the t1 versions!

What world do you live in!?

You know compression exists right??? LITTERALLY by doing 1 step (aka compression) IT ADDS VALUE! INSTANTLY! You see the est price shoot up for compressed ore!

Cry us a river.

Learn from your mistakes and be a better gamer OP. (If you ever read and reply, chances, are you won’t.)


Oh buddy you came to the wrong community to protest against being blown up



I am still debating within myself on how to reply to these OPs. Maybe less emotion more facts?

More emotions like what I did above? idk OP doesn’t read this anyways. :joy: :joy:

Well nobody responds to facts without reees

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