OP NPCs in .7 Space?

So this morning I went to mine, got blown up by NPC’s pretty quick (5 hits) while in my Mack. I figured that seemed really strong compared to every other NPC I ignored in .7 space, so I jumped in my alt’s tier 2 destroyer…which also got blown up (6 or 7 hits) then it blew up my capsule as well….no players in the overview, just OP NPCs……what fresh hell is this and why is it allowed, wondering if I should just drop Eve and play something more balanced.

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You got podded, so those were either jove npc’s most likely. But if you were mining it was probably triglavians. Gotta keep pve players on their toes.

I’m no, it was definitely not players or triglavians…it was regional rats, I found out there’s something going on where they get to mine now and if you show up they call in an OP fleet to pop you….little to no warning about such an event, and NPC’s that ripped through my other brothers tier 3 battle cruiser…in high sec space, this is complete and utter lack of understanding and oversight from the devs,it’s irresponsible and un- balanced….and font get me started on that PvP eletist bull beca some ppl just wanna mine and that’s perfectly fine.

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Diamond rats. If pirate diamond rats show up in your system, you have a Forward Operation Base in the system and should e extremely cautious with belt activities.

One of those amazing features that no one but CCP loves and knows why they exist. They never harmed the real mining bots that killed the GE economy and only ever bothered high sec players. They are one of those things that CCP messed up and left untouched to mess up the next thing.


i assumed diamond rats, but i didn’t think they podded.

Had to check myself to make sure but they pod you.

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before you go mine.
Open the Agency->Encounters->Pirate Strongholds

If a stronghold is in your system just go to another system one jump over.

I lost an Orca not paying attention to Pirate FOBs (Strongholds) lol…

Ez Pz. Just check the agency.

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Right, here’s the thing though…I’ve been playing for a long time off and on….1st time this happend.
I check the news, log on daily, where’s the announcement, event page…something, I can’t literally be blind so I think they should be WAY more transparent about it, and take care of anyone who got screwed by it.
I mean i could imagine it happening in low sec no problem, better minerals, enough to fuel a fleet like that….so what the fk are they doing in high sec, I can’t even keep immersion with logic like that.
Pretty simple to me, low sec, better ships, high sec….beginning tier ships, give the low guys a fair balanced chance at least.

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Ugh… Instead of learning from your mistake you blame it on X


whatever, I as well as other people aren’t even given a chance, it dosent make logical sense….you don’t have to agree but if you don’t like my opinion kindly GTFO :+1: go instigate somewhere else

you of all people should know then that not everything is handed to you by CCP. there’s a lot of things in game that CCP doesn’t tell people cause they want us to find out ourselves about it.

while the FOB and being podded by them is new (to me anyway)… majority of the player base, new, old, bittervets, mission runners etc are all in hisec… bring on the challenges of NPC’s to keep PVE players on their toes…

you make it sound as if newbro’s or beginners are only in hisec… not the case, and FOB’s can be taken down with T1 BS’s in a fleet.

1 solo player, and new players in low sec should be expected to die being there, but you act like everyone in high sec knows about fighting, or wants to, or has freinds and a fleet…quit thinking about your perspective and actually put yourself in someone else’s.
And yea, I do know they like to not tell us enough, that’s why I only play off and on…most other developers have the common sense to do announcements and give players full disclosure about them and what’s going on, so you aren’t changing my mind on that either.
And lastly, I repeat….it makes no logical story sense, a group would not waste time an energy on resources that are below them with death fleets, period…so immersion….still broken.

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Solo PVE player here dude… so don’t even start thinking i’m an “elite” pvp’er… FOB’s have been in the game for several years now.

Either PVE/PVP Player or NPC, no area of space is to be safe from any activity. PERIOD.

this game is in constant updating and changing… HTFU or STFU


Make me, I still don’t care what you say….areas where new ppl are expected to be balanced properly period. You can get all macho or whatever all you want but I’ll post in my own bubble as much as I please so I repeat, come and make me

hisec isn’t for new people!!!


No. If you post on the forums expect people to disagree


I do expect ppl to dis-agree, I just don’t care…I’m saying high sec is where they put starting players, they are starting zones with starting resources, period, end of story….now watch this

and yet again, not ALL of HISEC is starting players… they have their safe space when they start the game… after that, its dog eat dog…

Remember me having no idea what they were and getting mad at them? That went well didn’t it? Then I got even more mad and went after the base it self in my Caracal, this got the entire corporation (except Braveheart who just laughed his ass off) yelling at me.
It turned out (much) later that I had changed my overview somehow and couldn’t see the diamond in their names.
I still die to them in any ship I take a stab at them in, and that’s just the ones in astroid belts.
This doesn’t keep me from trying though.

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I lost a battleship to the fob thinking I can solo it.
Got very unlucky