Come on CCP! It's about time to address the NPCs!

I’ve got positive standings with the Serpentis Corp, but they still shoot me in space. Why? People who run the pirate missions are still targets, even if they’ve got maxed out standings!

Lets get actual pirate factions into the game, and let’s start by laying off on the “terminate everything I see” mentality that the rats have!


It’s POS code.

Are you really expect that CCP is gonna replace 70% of the code just so standings actually has some meaning? Not to even mention that whole standing system is garbage or the fact that new AI they probably would use, is also garbage. Go to pochven and see how bugged NPC’s are there.

To answer your question, yes.
To answer your invitation to Pochven, no.

pirates will always shoot you regardless what your standings are…

standings with pirate corps like gurista or blood raiders is to prevent diamond rats from attacking you, or they can offer you aid. depending on if you are 2.0 with them or 5.0 with them.
either way, rats will always attack you…

I’ll refrain from being snarky and just say yes, I know. That’s the entire reason I wrote the post. Did you read it? Usually reading things before commenting on them tends to help prevent Footinmouth Syndrome.

I think it’s high time that we don’t get shot at by NPCs with whom we’ve got positive standings. I had heard a few rumors that CCP were going to be working on NPCs this year, and I’d like this issue to be in their minds when they do.

So what do you expect to shoot at you? nothing? be free from damage by NPC’s ?

It’s not a hard concept, buddy.

If you have good standing, then the NPCs you have good standings with shouldn’t shoot you.

I don’t expect Guristas to refrain from shooting me when I have good Bloodraider standings.

Will we be able to blitz missions then? Will our pals on the pirate side unlock the gates for us?


look at it this way.
you have two kinds of pirates
“friendly” pirates, who you can befriend (diamond rats)
then you have pirates who hate the empire, regardless your personal standings against them.

As Xeux mentioned above, what would your concept do for mission running?

Clearly CCP would have to revamp the whole mission system to account for player standing with pirate factions, but wouldn’t that be cool? Sure, it would be a lot of work on CCP’s part, but the end result could be awesome. The only question is whether or not CCP thinks the end result would be worth all the work they’d have to do.

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If you accept a mission against a faction, you are taking hostile action. That’s why you get negative standing when you run those missions.

I work for the united standings improvement agency, i understand missions very well.

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