Illogical standing losses with NPC Corps

Hello all. Already all my eve life I deal with npc standing and love the complexity that the game offers us.

But one thing has been bothering me for many years: Why do I suffer a loss for their faction AS WELL AS for their corp for killing certain NPC?!

I’ve seen many older forum posts that always addressed this issue in conjunction with CONCORD-standing. Which in itself is illogical, since you can’t compensate for the loss in CONCORD (anymore).
(Here it might be easiest to just remove both CONCORD-corp and faction? I refer here, however, specifically to the standing loss with the CONCORD corp!)

But I also mean especially the npc-standing loss for killing NPC pirate ships in mining missions, the mining blitz sites (former resource war sites) and, I’m a bit unsure about this, in Incursions and DED sites.

I can understand that I lose standing with their faction. But why additionally with their corp (like True Sansha, Bloodraider, etc)?

I don’t understand the system. In “normal” security missions I consistently get “only” faction standing loss. Why the double penalty when playing the other (specially mining) content?

Only in faction warfare (FW) it makes sense to me. If I shoot down a player in pvp who is a member of the FW-npc corp.

I would be happy if the CSM also raises this issue with CCP. Thanks for your effort!


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Sorry, completely forgot to make my solution or wish clear: Please let CCP remove the NPC corp standing loss (except in FW)!

Actions have consequences so yes, losing standings to a corp and or faction makes sense when you shoot NPCs.

The tricky part is figuring out how to raise them back up via derived standings if you cant run missions for them.

If you need help you can contact us at USIA to get your standings in order


Thank you for your answer. But I don’t think that gets to the heart of my question.

I know exactly where you can farm back which losses. (Except for CONCORD.)

I would just like to understand the logic behind why a few pirate ships cause this double loss. And if there is no logic, remove them from the game.

In my opinion a faction standing loss is strong enough.

(And the USIA doesn’t farm back standing from npc-pirate-factions in NullSec, does it? But I understand that you are looking for every opportunity for self-promotion. I think the idea behind your service is great).

We do provide pirate standings if there is a way to do it.

The Logic is quite simple. When you shoot someone, he personally does not like that, his corp does not like that and his faction does not like that. Since NPCs are not really “individuals” there is no personal standing, but there is corp and faction standing. And of course you lose both. Its completely logical.


in “normal” security missions , what corp do the rats belong to ?

Depends on the mission.

They can be for example “Blood Raiders” (Corp), which are members of the “Blood Raider Covenant” (Alliance). Or “Archangels” which are members of the “Angel Cartel”.


I’m aware of the various npc corps that make up their alliances . plz name a particular mission , where you fight npcs in the archangels corp .

there aren’t any .

which was my point ; no corp flag , no corp standings loss .

Derived standings. You may shoot someone the archangels like, so therefore you lose standings with them

derived is only faction , not corp .

But why does this only affect a few NPC?

Why are not all pirates assigned to an NPC corp?

Somehow I don’t find this stringent or logical.

Conversely, NPCs of the empire factions are not directly assigned to one of the many corps.

P.S.: But don’t get me wrong. I think it’s right and important that actions in eve have consequences. That’s what makes eve so special.

What I criticize is this double loss in corp and faction.

I mean just know if you run missions, you’ll tank your pirate standings.

And learn how to avoid the missions that tank others.

Welcome to Missioning 101 :smiley:

Every “Angel” enemy in every mission is one of the “Archangels”. At least thats how I would read it. In the description of the member corps their roles are explained. Maybe CCP simply forgot it in the NPC descriptions?

For the Angel Cartel these are:
Archangels → all basic combat troops all over New Eden, so all those you encounter in missions, belts, anos, sigs etc.
Dominations → Commanders, you sometimes encounter some in anomalies or combat sigs. Not sure if there are missions in which one of them can spawn. At least I cannot remembe any L4.
Guardian Angels → NPCs protecting the Serpentis Space Stations. You won’t encounter these in missions.
Salvation Angels → NPCs building the Angel Infrastructure (stations or whatever), You won’t encounter them in missions.

In Abyss there are additional “Lucifer Angels”, but you don’t get any standing hit for killing these, like for all NPCs you kill in the abyss, none of them cost any standing as far as I know.

What are your Standings towards “Archangels” and “Angel Cartel” (before and after social skills), if I may ask? And do both standing losses show up in the standing history when you do a mission against them or is one marked as “derived standing loss”?

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