Faction standing - applied to all fleet members?

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I spent weeks farming the enemies abound mission. Tags were great, but faction standing loss made it impossible to fly around new Eden without the cops harrasing me. I have since resolved this.

My question is to do with fleeted members in missions, and when does the faction loss apply.

If I create an alt to basically sit in one system accepting the enemies abound mission, then fleeting my main, will the main still get faction punished? Is it shooting the ship’s that draws the standing drop, or turning in the mission?
Thanks for any advice.

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Shooting the ship is where the standings loss comes from. I have heard some people say that it is destroying the ship that causes the standing loss. This is a subtle difference, but I think it is wrong. I think just shooting at the ships draws the standing loss, so that everybody gets a standing hit, not just the person dealing the final blow.

I am sure that @Anderson_Geten or @Archer_en_Tilavine would know the answer for sure.

Archer isn’t actually familiar with that mission. I am however. Done quite a few of them where I can’t even cross into gallente space.

it’s different entities that garners the drop. just doing Part 1 can drop you 0.06 with Gallente.

part 3
Killing one of the officers incurs a -2.5% standing hit
Other standing ticks cause 0.06% losses
Destroying bunkers in 3rd pocket will lower your standing for -2.4%

part 4
Killing The Factory Station incurs a -2.4% standing hit as well as you will take a -2.4% standing hit for killing the bunkers and the “Officer” frigates in the first room pocket.

and part 5
A Bunker and Heavy Missile Battery will hit you with -2.4% faction hit if you destroy them. Only needed hit is -0.02% that occurs with 1 of the Republic Fleet Typhoon
-2.4% for killing Republic Fleet Officer and -2.4% for destroying the stargate. (2 standing ticks for me, waiting for all spawns to show before blowing up the stargate).

that is if its updated with the right standing losses.

as far as faction losses go with fleet, normally anything related to faction changes is only in the very last mission of epic arcs. So unless a fleet member is there hitting those targets, they shouldn’t incur any standings loss.
As a USIA grinder, I know I ran enemies abound while grinding but my client never received any standings loss apart of my fleet.

I’ve been summon :confetti_ball:! Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here - we’ve been hiring mission runners for 11 years to service our clients, so I’m happy to field this question.

When it comes to fleets and missions, only the fleet members engaging in the activity resulting in the standings loss (ie. attacking/killing a specific rat or building) will incur the standings loss - no one else will receive a loss even if they were on-grid at the time provided they didn’t attack that particular entity. Not all entities in missions have associated losses: only specific rats and buildings do (IIRC most or all turret sentries/missile batteries have faction losses associated with them; however, I believe every “kill (almost) everything” mission can be completed without destroying sentries/batteries if you want to ignore them). Likewise, any standing losses associated with failing missions, decline penalties, and derived standing penalties from storylines are not passed onto fleetmates.

TLDR: if you want one char to accept regular (ie. non-storyline) missions and another char to run them, only the char running them will incur faction losses from completing that specific mission, NOT the one who accepted it.

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I think you only get it if you kill the rat, and I say that based off of flying logi in incursions. As logi, I’ll only have one flight of light drones out, and I don’t get the sansha standings loss notification every tick. This leads me to believe that I didn’t get the standings loss because I didn’t get any kills that tick (in spite of doing damage).

Guys, thanks very much for the responses. To give a perspective to this, I just wanted to be able to accept the mission in a barely able to do mission l4 runner, bring in my alt. smash the mission. get the tags and loot. My main rides off into the sunset with the tags, no standing loss, the new mission runner never leaves that region, just stays there accepting the Enemies abound mission! I will test out the theories, and report back. Once again, thanks for the replies.

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