Faction Warfare for beginners - what about Empires standing?

Just done tutorial & all start missions, so I decided to play Faction Warfare.

I took my destroyer and did 10 FW missions, and really enjoyed them.

However, I realised as now I cannot dock to opposite Empire station - so is this only on contested territory or everywhere?

Also, my standing to opposite empire drop very fast, so what will be in the future? Will I be able even fly through their territory? Or maybe better to withdrawn from FW and join ordinary faction?

Didn’t do any FW yet, but I think social skills help a lot, like Diplomacy.

If you like going to Jita, you shouldn’t kill to many Caldari. But in the end, you should think about an Alt doing the business stuff, so you can carry on shooting and still visit Jita AND Dodixie.

  1. Join FW corp to learn the stuff. Some things are not so obvios and you will die much more often before you will learn them yourself.
  2. FW is not about missioning, it is about PvP. If you like missions , use high sec security agents, that will pay you LP and ISK. Again - if you join the team, that is already doing it, you will learn how to get most fun out of it.
  3. In high sec you can dock in any NPC station, regardless to standings.
  4. If your standings fall below -5, faction NPC will chaise you in their space. Standings can be fixed, but it will take time and is boring.

Yes I think that you should avoid the FW missions most likely, they will take your standing down, I had to deal with this issue and repair my standings recently so I could fly without getting shot at. The missions have also been changed lately, how much I don’t know, to lessen their rewards, and or the rewards have been increaesd in the PVP aspects of FW. So the regular activits of FW should not take you down to the point of getting shot at if you avoid the missions if I understand what I have read correctly :slight_smile:

For all Faction standing fixing, revert to DMC’s The Plan

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Co-Head of the the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. If you require assistance with repairing your standings, USIA is happy to be of assistance if you’d like some advice (ie. tricks not covered by DMC’s otherwise totally solid plan) or to hire our services. Join the USIA Discord if you’d like to have a chat.

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