I'd like to try Faction Warfare, but... standings (I'm at 5+ with all 4 empires)

I’ve been excited about Faction Warfare eversince it was introduced, and the upcoming changes rekindled my desire to give it a try.

But… I have great standings with all 4 empires (5+ and still raising 'em).

  • It took a LOT of work to get there, it would feel bad to undo all that, and thereby restrict my PVE options.
  • Also, my allegiance is split between the race I chose, the empire I was connected to in Catch and Providence over 10 years ago, and the underdog empire I have always had sympathy for.

Just wanted to share that with CCP, I do realize there are few players in my position.


Your only option is to create a different character perhaps on a different account or your main and use a slot there.

This is no big surprise to you thought I would say this. Unless you want to destroy your work! I would not…

They want picking a faction to matter and have consequences. That means you cannot ride all factions happily and easily.

For roamers and soloer omni gamers that’s generally a silver/wooden stake to their PvE heart.


That would reduce immersion for me, and restrict the ship types I can fly. Thanks for pointing out that option though.

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Thats the name of the game. Faction warfare. Caldari and ammar vs gallente and minmatar. If you want to do FW you cant have your cake and eat it too. You have to pick sides and lose standings with one.


And there should be a route to reclaiming those standings without giving up the game or siloing characters.

If you follow @DeMichael_Crimson plan, or hire usia, we can accomplish that quicker than waiting on cosmos or arcs


don’t kill pods, don’t kill noob ships
dont do missions
the npcs in plex don’t change standings
the standings hit is not that brutal nowadays

to be fair they nerfed standing loss so much in FW that you can do it no problem
police will shot you only while you are enlisted , if you leave its normal life

im old school so i took my hit , i don’t like the filthy minmatar or the degenerate galente anyway ,but you will not

remember amarr is the best and holiest empire

and they are allied with the weeb caldari , so you can have your amarr and your jita
its like me , im alied with the weeb @Destiny_Corrupted so i can have my soul and my astolfo


You seem confused.


And the very rational response most players who are somewhat interested in FW will give to that is “no thanks, I’ll just avoid the system entirely.”

FW requires a certain amount of commitment.

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FW is nice
i like the 24th crusade the most
you enlist and a chat INSTA open with the best people EVE have to offer ( your npc corp + all amarr allied corps)
nice pilots , friends etc
if you use any unfuck your overview ( i can give you one, and NO , the default overview DO NOT WORK ) … you have blues to help you and reds to shot, even in HS
and the better part , you don’t have a boss , you work for amarr , so you just do the F you want
ike i said with years of experience in FW CCP nerfed the standing thing , if you follow my tips on the first post the standing loss is minimal

yeah he probably wont join
but there is a secret that only the top pilots of FW know that make it all worthy
but i cant tell
its super confidential …

“Minimal” still translates to “absolute” over time.

Here’s what all the people parroting their “commitment herp derp” and “consequences derp herp” nonchalant reportees don’t understand: I have the option of engaging with a system that (1) makes me a target to many other players and (2) punishes me by ■■■■■■■ up my character to the point where I’d be limited to a caged-like existence in one faction’s space after a while. Why should I choose that over an alternative like joining a high-sec war group, enabling me to have hundreds of thousands of potential targets instead of being one myself, and having zero repercussions of any kind for my character?

It’s like I have to pay extra just to have additional disadvantages. That’s stupid. It would be a completely irrational thing to do.

minimal = minimal
like i said CCP nerfed standing loss many times
they can do it for years and fix it , just don’t pod or kill noob ships
im not caged at all , i can go were i want
the comparison with HS WD group is perfect
probably they are better in most cases
but FW is the NON coms ,NON paranoid , NO boss , noobie friendly ,care free , + roleplay version

if you want to have all
its kinda care bearish think

i wise man once said

you can explain only if you have a taste

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Yeah, nice PvP “rules” you have there.

Maybe I should also “catch and release” everyone I attack like some kind of weekend fisherman?

All I’m saying is that I shouldn’t have to pay extra for an additional inconvenience. If it’s forced on me as part of an overall package of gameplay mechanics, fine. But here I literally have a choice between sitting down at a table and eating a nice bowl of soup with a spoon, or eating hot soup directly from the pot by scooping it with my naked hand, and also I get punched in the mouth by the cook afterwards.

you loss standing killing noob ships and some pods anyway

I don’t lose anything by killing anyone while at war. The exception is killing a FW NPC corporation participant, but that requires a suspect/outlaw encounter, since war with them is impossible.

you must be right and i must be wrong
since you are saying my way of playing the game is stupid and im not saying nothing bad about your way

I’m not saying your way is stupid.

I’m saying that there shouldn’t be permanent standings losses for engaging in FW, at least if the intent is to get more people interested in taking part in FW.

standing is a old system that should be removed or reworked
a lot of people care about it and it suck
thats why some people do cosmos the most obtuse and ■■■■■■ form of pve in the game
ill never do it

AND if you are NOT in a WD corp (AKA, most of the payers) you lose standing by killing noob ships or poding , CCP nerfed standing loss and sec status loss , FW is no different from killing random people on jita undock