I'd like to try Faction Warfare, but... standings (I'm at 5+ with all 4 empires)

Security status and standings are two completely different things.

i know
and CCP nerfed both
before if a pirate attached you you loss sec stat just by defending yourself , now they get suspect tags entering plexes

before if you killed the NPC in the plex your lost standing now you don’t and you can even kill your race npc to do that SP daily thing

nowadays you loose 00000000001 standing by killing a member of the opposite race , its not like most of the FW players have millions of kills , in reality most of them just join the side is wining and farm

you can even pod , but the standing loss is greater so after some time i stoped doing it

IMO if you don’t pod you can do FW for years with no fear of losing standing , one epic arc and you will be fine

to be clear , i dont do epic arcs but they say its a thing …

The entire FW system needs to be reworked. We already talked about this before.

They need to get rid of the standings ■■■■■■■■, they need to get rid of the faction navy spawns (or at least make them rarer/able to be evaded more easily), and they need to get rid of the PvE farming.

FW should be about war and nothing else. It’s an opt-in PvP system, and players should be rewarded for willingly taking on additional risk to themselves by engaging in it.

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i agree
i love the plex system but i despise most of the PVE farmers that poison the FW scene
our diference in this matter is just the plex mechanic
i took some systems for amar , even AMAMAKE i was there
meanwhile some multiboxer with 3 jackdaws make ludicrous amounts of LP

that said im the n7 all time in 24th crusade … im friends with n2 , she is next level , probably the best pvp player i ever meet in eve
and CPT Bridgehouse told me how to suspect bait , and she is better than him by a lot and he is a legend

im saying this because there is l33t dudes in FW, i like them more than mitans corp , or hs , or incursion or WH , wen we want we make scary wormhole people beg for help

i find low sec best sec … ofc it suck because bad ccp is bad but i bet if they change it they will make it worst

she is a crazzy Russian person so , may be you lol
just in case well done

I’m believe in equal opportunity. If a 1 day old player wanders into lowsec -which, I will remind you, they do get a warning on the gate before jumping in, WARNING, LOW SEC SYSTEM, PVP PRESENT!!!- and the click accept and enter, I will treat them the same as I would treat a veteran. Ship kill and a pod pop.

I’m not going to give anyone special treatment based on some condition. That just sets them up for unrealistic expectations.

i find boring to kill noob ships
bad is wen they are in a frigate you kill them and lose standing anyway because beginner corp :frowning:

I’m glad to hear that, thank you very much for sharing for that info.

@ CCP: you mentioned “decoupling” standings from FW, not to the extent I’d like to I guess - I still think that would be the best option for players like myself though.

If you wanna commit war crimes on the trade hub undock, and get a commision for it, then you need to face some consequences

Unless the FW standings mods work different to regular standings mods, you don’t lose faction standings (which are those hard to grind) by aggressing, wrecking or podding other players. You lose security rating and corporation standings … to the NPC corp of the player you pew pew-ed at. As far as I know, the faction warfare corporations do not hand missions to non-corp-members to begin with, so poor standings to them won’t provide any disadvantage to you to begin with (other then, of cause, the missions you can still do if you switch fw sides and join the corresponding corps).

If you pod someone on an undock, you might lose standings to State War Academy, but you won’t lose standings to Caldari State. So the question is whether or not you care about State War Academy. You obviously care about Caldari State because it’s standings define your trading fees in Jita, the stance of the Caldari diamond rats, the ability to run high level missions for Caldari Corps you don’t frequently mission for and last but not least the live quality in Caldari space, as they will preempt you from cloaking in their space or dispatch their army on you if your standings to the caldari faction is low enough… but State War Academy, Pator Tech School and whatnot… even with security being easy to grind back or buy back via tags, security’s more of a concern then noob faction standings. I have -9.9 to those and still can run lvl5 missions.