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Hey all, I’m in a bit of pickle. I’m trying to join the Gallente faction warfare, but apparently cannot as my standings are supposedly too low (-0.725). But I’m looking in my standings tab and staring straight at .99 standing with the Gallente and 1.29 standing with the Gallente Federation Navy, so what gives? Do only my unmodified standings matter for enlisting?

Thanks in advance

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There it is, thanks! That’s what I get for skimming over things I suppose. Sigh. Not looking forward to grinding rep

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For convenience’s sake, is there any way to view my unmodified standings?

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You could always join the right side of the fight. The Caldari have a healthy respect for the Khanid, whether they hail from the Empire or the Kingdom.

Your standings should be reported on one of the tabs of your character sheet (I think it’s the “Interactions” tab). It’s been a while since I looked, but I believe it reports the unmodified standings first, with your modified standings in parentheses adjacent.

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Caldari don’t like me either. None of the empires do. I believe in equality, so I shoot everyone equally, I figured at least the Gallente might respect that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t see any unmodified standings though. It just shows me the one standing number and if I click it, it shows a graph of my modified standings progression. Perhaps there is an option for it somehwere in here, I’ll have to look

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You know, I wonder if you couldn’t just run a couple Career Agent mission chains for the Gallente and bump that up. The last mission in each chain gives a decent standings boost, and it’s not like you have that far to go.

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if you go into the detailed standings window in your character sheet and mouse over your standing it should show you unmodified standings and then the relevant social skill.

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There is a way to bypass the standings requirement:

Join a player-made corporation/alliance that is in Faction Warfare.

Your standings will be averaged with everyone else’s standings. As long as the corporation/alliance has standings higher than 0.0 or 0.1 (or something to that effect) then everything should be hunky dory.

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The interactions tab on the new character sheet only shows effective standings. If unmodified are available, they are well hidden. The old character sheet used to show both as mentioned above. EVEMon still shows both - not sure if that will survive the transition to ESI.

If you only need a small faction standing boost consider the SOE Epic Arc (~8% for the faction of your choice) or the career missions (~1.5% per agent)

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Chainsaw Plankton thanks! You are correct about viewing my unmodified standings, that’s very convenient ty for letting me know!

Idk how to access the career agents tab specifically for the gallente however, as it seems to only list the Amarr career agents (makes sense as I rolled an Amarrian character). I’ve been running distribution missions to get the storyline mission to raise my standings but I have to say, it’s boring as ■■■■ and I hate it. Ik you can buy tags to turn in to raise standings but I only have newb cash (down to 175 million liquid ISK atm) so I’m not sure I want to invest too much money into it.

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I’m about to give the SOE epic arc missions a go. I’m assuming the faction standings choice will be obvious. Gonna go grab my Vexor, run 'em and see what happens

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You would use the Agent Finder (or an out-of-game tool like the DOTLAN Agent tool), filter for Gallente Federation and filter Agent Type by “Career”. Then all you’d need to do would be to travel there.

As far as the SoE goes, there will be a moment in one of the final missions (it’s a 50-mission chain) where you will be able to choose one of four paths, with your choice affecting which nation you get the standings boost for. It’ll be obvious.

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So it sounds like the SOE missions may take awhile before I actually get a standings boost? Perhaps I’m better off just going with the career agents?

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I’m down to -.54 standings so I’m close!

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Try the circle agents. All you need is a frigate with some cargo space and 20 jumps later you have an about 0.2 points better standing.

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google eve faction standings repair plan

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Yes indeed, otherwise known as ‘The Plan’.


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Hey all, thanks for the help. I ran the SOE epic arc and it put my standings in the black, so I’m all set! If anyone else is in need of repping standings I suggest that mission chain as it took me from -.54 to something like +.23

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