Joining facwar, base standing versus effective standing?

I went to join galmil via direct enlistment last night, having positive (effective) standings with them due to skills, but was denied doing so due to my base standings being in the shitter.

Is it intentional that the standing requirements of joining faction warfare are based on base standing and not effective standing?

It honestly feels misleading when the first thing i’m being told is it being positive but the standings requirement not being based out on that, also as much to being left with the feeling of having wasted time training the standing skills (even thou i trained those for mission running back in the day and not fw)

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Yes, it’s intentional.

There are several standings services you can hire to get your standing up to par.


You need to be base yes. USIA can help fix your standings, but because its faction its not cheap.

Some advice if you plan on reaching out to us, complete your career agents. Those will repair your gallente faction standings, (only once though)

  1. Do your SOE epic arc. Choose the gallente fork at the end.

If your standings will allow, do your epic arc for gallente


As much as it bothers me that the standings system is designed this way, i’ve started the SOE epic arc hoping it will be enough to push the base over 0.0. thank you very much for the suggestion!

I’m unfamiliar with USIA?

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Right on, thank you. Any idea why it’s been designed like that? It seems counter intuitive to me if i may be so honest.

United Standings Improvement Agency.

This will explain what we do

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CCP has the belief that choices and consequences matter. Which is why faction is so hard to raise. 3 month cooldowns on the arcs, storylines, data centers having negative derived standings.

I believe FW drops standings of the opposite faction, so if you wanted to switch, you had to work for it.
From the fac warfare wiki –
. You are promoted to a higher rank every time your standings reach an integer number (i.e. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 - unmodified)

So the whole basis of FW revolves around unmodified standings.

Trading relies on base standings as well. Negative standings effects your broker relist fees as much as positive standings.

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There’s a good deal of logic in that, i respect it. and i’m on board with the idea from a market perspective.

I do however think it would be better to change it in regards to faction warfare to offer an increased mobility for people to change sides. A good deal due to convenience/people not having the attention span to grind standings for who knows how long before they can get to shoot people in game anymore.
I’m all for the consquences by perhaps increasing the modifier on how much your standings drop for the opposite faction drops as well to level it out if that makes sense.

If you had actually read everything involved with joining FW, it specifically states base standings not skill boosted standings.

Now those social skills will help you get there faster. I have all 4 navies lvl 4 missions available on one alt, because all relevant social skills to 5 means I can go from 0.0 to 5.0 in less than 2 days, and any penalties are minimized.

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Granted the Epic Arcs are a good way to increase Faction Standing but they’re a rather long process which will take some time to complete.

A much faster way to gain Faction Standing would be to first run all of the Level 1 Career Agents, then run the Level 1 Circle Agents followed by the Level 1 Data Center ‘Certification’ Agents.

If needed you can run the rest of the Data Center ‘Tag’ Agents. However those require turning in Pirate Dog Tags which can be bought from Market and Public Contracts.

Lastly there’s the Cosmos Agents Level 1 to Level 4. However those Agents are impatient so only talk to them when you’re ready to complete their missions… In other words, DO NOT FAIL, QUIT, DECLINE OR LET THEIR MISSION OFFER EXPIRE. It could lock you out from accessing other Cosmos agents.

Anyway, good luck to you and here’s a list of the Level 1 Faction Agents for Gallente Federation:

Career Agents


(Clellinon System - Center for Advanced Studies)
1 Loict Mensier - Business Agent
2 Houve Raennere - Industry Agent
3 Seville Eyron - Military Agent
4 Olarie Lacenten - Exploration Agent
5 Cala Baliaerdt - Advanced Military Agent

(Couster System - Federal Navy Academy)
1 Aernolaert Bruelle - Business Agent
2 Timestre Facent - Industry Agent
3 Hasier Parcie - Military Agent
4 Agalle Vacoloure - Exploration Agent
5 Gosauvel Aulbres - Advanced Military Agent

(Trossere System - University of Caille)
1 Antogase Pandon - Business Agent
2 Voenins Blune - Industry Agent
3 Berlimaute Remintgarnes - Military Agent
4 Potillot Mumnier - Exploration Agent
5 Ettes Alureel - Advanced Military Agent

Circle Agents


(Only need to run one time)
Agent Iole Radin
Corporation = Federation Navy
Location = Luminaire 7 Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
Mission = ‘Manning The Front Lines’
Referal to:

Agent Ansa Vanonari
Corporation = Chemal Tech
Location = Unel 9 - Chemal Tech Factory
Mission = ‘Lack Of Silicon’
Referal to:

Agent Ihanani Oksen
Corporation = CreoDron
Location = Noghere 7 Moon 15 - CreoDron Warehouse
Mission = ‘Construction Supplies’
Referal to:

Agent Ossa Blaus
Corporation = Duvolle Laboratories
Location = Oursulaert 7 Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Research Center
Mission = ‘More Quafe Please…’
Referal to:

Agent Lorchaert Brounave
Corporation = Quafe Company
Location = Arant 5 Moon 14 - Quafe Company Factory
Mission = ‘To Quench the Thirst…’
Referal to:

Agent Ley Serene
Corporation = Federal Administration
Location = Algogille 9 Moon 3 - Federal Administration Information Center)
Mission = ‘VIP Transportation’
Referal to:

Agent Iole Radin (Start)

Data Center ‘Certification’ Agents


Agent Vausitte Yrier
Corporation = FedMart
Location = Abenync System (Data Center Beacon in space)
Mission = Courier Gallente Graduation Certificate

Agent Maray Ygier
Corporation = FedMart
Location = Muer System (Data Center Beacon in space)
Mission = Courier Gallente Graduation Certificate

Agent Etien Duloure
Corporation = FedMart
Location = Ekuenbiron System (Data Center Beacon in space)
Mission = Courier Gallente Graduation Certificate

Cosmos Agents (Only run when ready to complete)