Imiarr Timshae - Trusted Third (3rd) Party/Escrow/Secure Transaction Service

Hello all,

I’m Imiarr Timshae and I run the United Standing Improvement Agency (USIA) and before that TSCA since 2009 (13 years).

During this time I have held over 4 trillion ISK for clients purchasing standings through my agency - I have secured their transactions by being the “trusted party” in an exchange between a client who wants standings and missioning pilots who want to supplement their income.

You are welcome to review my forum threads - there are many hundreds of reviews left by clients who have trusted me with their money and their time, and recieved good service.

Hopefully, in time, this thread will fill up with the same positive feedback.

As many existing trusted third party services are no longer active i.e. Chribba, Elizabeth Norn, a good friend has suggested I create a Trusted Third Party/Escrow/Secure Transaction Service to fill in the gaps currently in New Eden.

Service Conditions:

  • I will secure any service, trade or exchange at my discretion. I will decline to take a job if clear ‘success conditions’ cannot be agreed upon, e.g. Mercenary Services with no clear “win condition”.
  • I will hold collateral for investments or other services.


  • Both parties pay 1% of the value (In ISK) of the goods, services, structures, wormholes or other thing changing hands to have this trade secured. In the event of non-standard services where collateral is exchanged i.e. investments, 1% of the collateral is the fee, from both parties.

My preferred form of contact is Discord, you can reach me at: Kukela#8305 or failing this, Evemail.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Completed transactions:
17bn Wormhole Fortizar Transfer:

Service continues to exist :slight_smile:

I had a wonderful experience in dealing with Imiarr as a trusted third party.

He went above and beyond my expectations.

He offered excellent advice, regarding what I was trying to accomplish, and I recommend his service.

I could not have asked for more.



Best experience so far. always again

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Thanks for helping making a trade

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We’re here, we’re secure, we are bad at rhyming.

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