EXTRA! EXTRA! – Read All About It! Gallente Firm Offers 20 Billion Isk For Group to Circumnavigate the Cluster!

Pilots wanted!
Hazardous journey,
No wages for most,
Constant danger,
Safe return doubtful,
20 billion isk and recognition in case of success.

Desert Oasis Inc. is sponsoring a race on September 10th, 2022, 20:00 EVE time.

20 billion isk to the first group to circumnavigate the cluster.

Race Rules

Rule 1. Don’t post your name in this thread!

Rule 2. I mean it!
Don’t post your name in this thread!

Rule 3a. Form a team.
Minimum four characters.
Maximum of 25 characters.
Rule 3b. Confer among yourselves and select a spokesperson.

Each team will be filamenting out of a Highsec system-to-be-named-later, to give each team the absolute best opportunity to get out of HS/LS and into Null alive.

Rule 4. Once in Null, drop your filament fleet. A Race Fleet will be standing by with invitations for each member of your team. Join the Race Fleet.

Rule 5. Get moving!

Don’t wait for the race fleet invite to get going, the competition is right behind you!

Rule 6a. Make for the closest rim system.
Rule 6b. Once there, have your spokesperson report your position in Fleet Chat. This will be your “Edge” starting system.

Rule 7. This is an important rule!
Start traveling clockwise around the Cluster!

You travel counterclockwise and you’re dusting yourselves.

Rule 8. No! You don’t need to travel down every nook and cranny!

What! You think I want to be here all night!
Travel around the edge!

This is a circumnavigation, not a go-down-every-rabbit hole. There are choke points, you just need to hit them.

Rule 9. Move!
The competition is right behind you, and the natives are restless!

Rule 10. Keep traveling clockwise around the edge till you get back to your “Edge” starter system.

Rule 11. Poke your spokesperson and tell them to report your return in Fleet Chat, that you’ve arrived there, your “Edge” starter system.


(OMG! More Rules! Is this never going to end?!)

…then, head back to the Highsec system you filamented out of.

First team to get a pilot, who gated from the “Edge” starter system, all the way around, and back into that highsec system gets 20 billion isk. Imiarr Timshae, @Imiarr_Timshae (my trusted 3rd party) will pay each team member an equal split – then and there!

Everyone else is pixel dust!

Okay, okay! Questions!

  1. Yes, you can kill the competition, if you catch up with them, or you can save time and bypass ‘em. Your call.

  2. Anyone that disconnects during the race (except for me and race officials) is toast!
    You’re not getting back into fleet! I don’t trust the lot of you!


And this is a big one! Every member of the winning team that takes that filament jump out gets an equal split.

Your team gets chased and someone gets hit? Maybe several someones? Maybe gets podded, making sure the team’s backside is covered?

If your team gets the first pilot back in the highsec filament system, that pilot that took one for the team is getting an equal split.

This is a team event, not a last man standing.

Okay! To sum up:

  1. 20 billion isk, split equally among the members of the winning team, whether every team member makes it back or not.

  2. Imiarr Timshae, @Imiarr_Timshae is my trusted 3rd party. Imiarr Timshae - Trusted Third (3rd) Party/Escrow/Secure Transaction Service He’ll be along shortly to confirm that in this thread.

  3. No filaments on the way back – you gotta slowboat home out of Null through Low and into High.

  4. We’re using filaments to get to Null. Yes, some team will land in a better spot. It’s not fair!!!
    This…is…EVE! Get used to it!

You’re doing over 200 jumps in Null, additional jumps in Low and High, and plotting your own course. You want the 20 bil? Deal with it!

  1. Four and a half (4 1/2) hours after filamenting out if no one’s back the race officials and I are logging off. Oh, and I’m keeping the isk!

(when you’re out there)

  1. Register your team by EVE Mail with Imiarr Timshae and myself.

If only one team registers? and they get a pilot back in our Highsec filament system within 4 hours and 30 minutes?

They did the job.
They get the isk.

One team, five teams? I don’t care. I want a team to circumnavigate the New Eden Cluster. (And I’m willing to pay for it!)

  1. Cutoff for registration is 48 hours prior to the race. No team will be registered after this time.

  2. No limitations on ship, implants, or boosters; but, you’ve got to go gate to gate once you join the Race Fleet.

And, remember, we’ll be in fleet, everyone can see you on the map!

  1. You can enter a mixed fleet, pilots from different corps/alliances can be on the same team.

  2. (Finally!) Don’t post your name in this thread, if you want to register. This is EVE! Someone, probably with Void, will be waiting for you on Race Day.

    Bet on it!


This is a post to confirm I’ve entered an arrangement with Sere O’Asis to hold 20 Billion ISK, the Prize Money for this race, to be distributed by me to the winners as per the post above - Each member of the first team to have 1 pilot successfully circumnavigate the cluster during the race event (and abiding by all the other rules posted) gets an equal share of 20bn ISK.

Will post again once I am holding the ISK. :slight_smile:

Confirming that I have been paid 20bn ISK as per the above.

Let us hope a team claims it :slight_smile:

I hate the 5 character rule, so…

The Answer To
A Maiden’s
Is Not A Chin
Of Stubby Hair

—Burma Shave

Every Day
We Do
Our Part
To Make Your Face
A Work of Art

—Burma Shave

Within This Vale
Of Toil
And Sin
Your Head Grows Bald
But Not Your Chin

—Burma Shave

The Bearded Lady
Tried A Jar
She’s Now
A Famous
Movie Star

—Burma Shave

Grandpa’s Beard
Was Stiff And Coarse
And That’s What
Caused His
Fifth Divorce

—Burma Shave

The Queen
Of Hearts
Now Loves The Knave
The King
Ran Out Of

—Burma Shave

Can I do this solo/multibox?

I am only counting the number of characters. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the interest.

No Lady Likes
To Dance
Or Dine
Accompanied By
A Porcupine

—Burma Shave

Remember This
If You’d
Be Spared
Trains Don’t Whistle
Because They’re Scared

—Burma Shave

This Is Not
A Clever Verse
I Tried
And Tried
But Just
Got Worse

—Burma Shave

We Know
How Much
You Love That Gal
But Use Both Hands
For Driving, Pal

—Burma Shave

Sleep In A Chair
Nothing To Lose
But A Nap
At The Wheel
Is A Permanent Snooze

—Burma Shave

Just This Once
And Just For Fun
We’ll Let You
What We’ve Begun
? ? ?

—Burma Shave

Registration is now closed for this event.

Thank you.

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