Looking to run an EvE-wide event - 1 Race, No Rules, Big prizes, Hopefully bigger fights!

22/01/2018 - UPDATE

VaM - Race has been created as CEO of VaM - Vincere aut Mori. This is the only route through which ISK should be sent. Questions can also be sent to her in-game.

OK… fine, lets get the "SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! out of the way now.
We all know there is no way I can prove to you this isn’t a scam so it will come down to trust but ask yourself this (and I answer this in detail in the reddit post), why would I post with a main of 10 years? Even if I bio-massed… I am actually quite attached (and if Im honest, attracted) to SSjGhost.

So, on with the event.
There is a reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/7jl3xa/idea_for_new_edenwide_event_and_keen_to_gauge/

Tl;dr - I want to set up a race in New Eden.

No restrictions. Anything in the game mechanics allowed.
Team play allowed.
(Hopefully) big prizes.

Read the reddit thread. Not because I’m lazy… detail is there and many of the questions you may have are answered in detail (and I really cant type all this twice and you are better than a Copy/Paste).

If you don’t want to read the thread though (and I suggest you do!), a “straw man” which has been copy/pasted can be found below:

Tl;dr: I want to set up race across New Eden with prizes for winners in the hope it gets pilots thinking of creative ways to either win the race or ruin it for those taking part through content generation and generally being bastards to each other (what the EvE community is best at!)
In light of recent community events and because I like a challenge, I have decided I would like to try and set up an annual New Eden-wide event, open to all! The event will be called Vincere aut Mori (VaM) or “Win or Die” and will basically be a “Mad Max” style race across New Eden; complete with the scum of the galaxy (that’s you guys and girls) attempting to stop them.
I have given this a lot of thought and am well past the initial planning stage but before I pull the trigger on some of the wider marketing and concrete ideas, wondered if there was even appetite for setting it up given there is no point putting in the work and effort if nobody wants to participate. Is this something people would be interested in?
The event would have an entry fee (I’m thinking 600M ISK) to help grow the prize pool but initially I have received confirmation of a 50B ISK donation to get it started and generate interest.
Before you all call “SCAM!” I agree, there is no way I can prove to you this isn’t a scam but hopefully the effort I put into this (and the fact it isn’t) will be enough to generate interest in at least a few of you. I am also not very well known in EvE but I would like to think I know a few respected people in the EvE community for them to vouch for me. They will tell you I am a penis…. but hopefully an honest one. I also appreciate that the first year may be a little light on participants for this (trusting it isn’t a scam) reason but hopefully we can get past that and, if people want/enjoy it, it can grow into something bigger (“Phrasing”).
A website is currently under construction and will provide updates, rules, information etc but until then, here is a “straw man” that summarises some key points.
Vincere aut Mori MMXVIII
The rules are simple; visit target systems in the correct order as quickly as possible by whatever means necessary.
Vincere aut Mori (VaM) is a player organised race that sees participants race across New Eden with the hope of securing a share of the prize pool. The main aim of VaM is to establish an annual event designed to bring the New Eden community together, generate content, make a few capsuleers a bit richer and of course, provide the winners with much needed ammunition to throw in the faces of their rivals across reddit.
Entry fee per pilot is 600,000,000ISK and only registered participants will be considered for a share of the prize pool. However, this does not mean participants can’t take assistance form others to help them succeed. Examples of “assistance” could include Corp mates camping gates of known systems to prevent other participants from reaching a checkpoint or web their friends into a faster warp, providing jump bridges for Corp mates or even searching target systems to provide “warp ins” to shortcut wormholes. In honesty though, there are probably many more ways participants could be helped and it is down to those helping to get creative.
Pay-outs will be taken from an initial prize pool and then percentage of entry fees. Given I have no idea how many participants to expect I cannot guess what the total prize fund will be but an initial donation of 50B ISK has been promised if it goes ahead. Further “sponsorship deals” (aka donations) are of course appreciated and will be added to the prize pool. Pay-outs will be made using the following breakdown (sorry for crappy formatting. All prizes a minimum amount won based on 50B):
1st 22.5% 11.25B 2nd 15% 7.5B 3rd 10% 5B 4th 8% 4B 5th 7.5% 3.75B 6th 7% 3.5B 7th 6.5% 3.25B 8th 6% 3B 9th 5.5% 2.75B 10th 5% 2.5B 11th Entry fee returned + 2.5% 1.85B 12th Entry fee returned + 2% 1.6B 13th Entry fee returned + 1.5% 1.35B 14th Entry fee returned + 1% 1.1B 15th Entry fee returned 600M Last 1 Veldspar N/A N/A
Participants will be asked to register on our TripWire server and data will be used to track times and the order of systems to ensure the correct participant is awarded the correct prize. This information will also be published (removing all AWOX information) ensuring transparency.
That takes part of the “making a few capsuleers a bit richer” part so now to the content generation.
The race will take place on the Tranquillity server. I have no idea what tactics will be employed in attempts to win but I can tell you the route will force pilots into areas of High, Low and Null security space, allowing for anyone wanting to ruin the day of participants the chance to do exactly that.
A participant list will be published well in advance of the event so watch lists can be created or some of the more aggressive among you can get those War Decs in place to blap participants in High Security space. Participants will be given the route plenty of time before it is made public but that doesn’t stop participants sharing the route with their Corp mates or even (if they wanted) leaking the whole route to New Eden. An official release of the route will be published 1 week before the event, allowing those wanting to stage operations in checkpoint systems the chance to do so.
There is no limit to the amount of ships participants may use to complete the race.
There are no hull class (except those imposed by CONCORD) restrictions participants may use to complete the race.
There is no limit to the number of times a participant can be “podded”.
Feel free to troll, call me a liar or post the obligatory “in before the……” or “Seems legit” comments but for those interested I would be keen to see what appetite there is for setting something like this up.
“……and that’s all I have to say about that….”
FDo7 SSjGhost

Welp… If you want participation, you may want to try to not be as long winded. Removing the “this is not a scam” from the post will help you immensely as you really do not sound very professional. You’re looking to sell yourself here is what it boils down to.

Even if I did like the event, I simply wouldn’t participate or even continue reading after the first paragraph. Try to restructure this idea to be more compact in wording, there are a few things that do not bode well. First, no one is going to donate 50 billion isk to you for an event period, end of story. Why would they? What do they gain from giving you half of a titan. Absolutely nothing. Secondly the rules for the race are all over the place, you’re formatting is terrible, and you’re really just not selling this idea very well.

This ladies and gentlemen is a lazy scammer. And if you’re not a scammer, you’re simply not the best person to be making any sort of event or hosting it, as your not good at selling it, sound unprofessional, no clear cut rules, even though you’ve outlined some they are over all the place and to be honest, the rules are terrible and the entry fee is a bit ridiculous.

I’d recommend, restructuring this to a high security race, where rules do matter. Several corp mates will pose as check points, the race would include only 1 vehicle which would be an exploration vessel capable of using a combat scanner probe and you would have your check point pilots be in a certain class ship designated. Pilots would proceed to scan down the ship in the designated check point system and if they actually got the right person, that person would notify the pilot that they may proceed to the next checkpoint and what system it is in.

  1. Set up An Amazing Race Public Lobby, and a Private Lobby for the officials to check off who has came through and given instructions on where to go next and what to look for.

  2. Have at a minimum of 10 people, 5 in ships waiting to be scanned down and and 5 cloaked up people who can PM the incoming ship to the check point the cords of the next through private message to keep it a secret to make it an actual race with checks and balances.

  3. Ships are tagged as they enter grid and are allowed to leave in that order, after getting instructions to the next system and what to look for, if players are not in the designated ship or warp off with out getting instructions IE. Receiving intel from their friends, they are disqualified and forefit their isk.

  4. During this process the officials would be relaying that the racer have hit a check point and have been released, they would also detail if a player has left before being told where the next check point is and if they do they are disqualified.

There are many more things to consider, and it’s quite clear you’ve not even considered the logistics for a 1 billion isk race, little alone a 50 billion isk race.


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Holy wall of text Batman.

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Yeah TLDR…

But I get the gist, it’s very similar to what we used to do in Null and set up an alliance race to a system through low etc.

But the way it was setup you needed a few ships fitted and ready to go because if you died you could restart.

scam or not im in

This will be amazing event i almost can see the trolls out there killing the racers. Perhaps even some paid kills along the way.

Hopefully this goes through and maybe even a yearly event with ccp advertising it at the login screen

In b4 a corp bridges a blockade runner all the way to the end, making it not much of a race.

Thanks, and in order of your reply;

Yes. I agree entirely. It does not sound professional but unfortunately, had I not (mentioned the scam element) it would only have been something that was brought up later… trust me, most people that don’t know me have mentioned this. I do take (and agree) with your point though.
I don’t however take you point on providing too much information. Yes it is a wall of text but if I want people to spend their own ISK then I need to provide enough information for them to at least believe in the idea. Further, the Tl’dr says what it needs to. If people want to invest money on “its a race” then fair enough but I think most people would want as much detail as possible… especially in this game!

On your “no one is going to donate 50 billion isk to you for an event period, end of story.” you are wrong. I already have it in donations and was not asking people to donate to the prize pool. I (along with the support of my investors) will fund the prize pool for the first year/2 years. After that I am hoping it is sustainable to be run on entry ticket prices… if not I wont continue as I am not running this as a personal ISK sink.

The rules are not “all over the place” and are actually quite simple, as explained; Reach target systems in the order given as quickly as possible. I purposely left the rules “blank” so it was very, VERY easy for participants but also because I would never be able to police it.

“This ladies and gentlemen is a lazy scammer. And if you’re not a scammer, you’re simply not the best person to be making any sort of event or hosting it, as your not good at selling it, sound unprofessional, no clear cut rules, even though you’ve outlined some they are over all the place and to be honest, the rules are terrible and the entry fee is a bit ridiculous.” - I have no idea who you are so would not presume to tell you otherwise and frankly, you should have the same self awareness to do the same. You have no idea who I am, whether or not this actually is a scam and your “guidance” is actually subjective… so don’t be offended if I don’t completely restructure how I post or organise the event based on your 10 minute soap-box response.

The entire next paragraph you posted is based on how you would do it and I hate to say it, but you are wrong. To make it an “Eve-Wide” event means opening it to more than HS space.

I am not even going to go through the suggestions you have made because the way I have structured it takes away the need for many of them. You may not have taken the time to read the reddit but we wont need “officials” as we will have all data, logged and objectively (not pen to corruption) tracked on a database.

Thanks for the thought though.

Agreed… and sorry for that but I felt it better to give people as much info as I could now rather than have other readers have to scroll through the thread for answers to questions they may have.
Agreed though… its a bit of a beast… sorry :frowning:

There was a very basic Tl’dr (and link to reddit) but yeah… I get people don’t like walls of text :frowning:
That said, it sounds similar to what you (and a lot of alliances) have done and the goal I have is to make it a New Eden wide event taking the race through HS/LS and NS allowing people to fully plan, scam and screw over the participants while allowing the participants the chance to circumvent the best New Eden has to offer in the way of ruining their race.
Multiple ships will almost certainly be a way to victory though… agreed.

LOL… well it isnt a scam… but thank you o7

You either read my mind or read the reddit.

This is EXACTELLY what I want!
In my head, all the participants pay their entry fee and scheme together (in corps or as participants) to win the race with the rest of New Eden (or those that can be bothered) making use of the intel and choke points to screw them over.

Content generation? Check
Big isk for the risk the participants take? Check.
No rules outside the main objective or game mechanics? Check.

I think it could work…


There are plenty of ways you could ■■■■ a blockade runner and not just from a “screw their race” perspective. Tactical clone jumps and podding with home station resets also come into play… if your sole plan relies on a bridged blockade runner than I can promise you, there are better strategists out there that will beat you to the prize.

That said, the fact you are thinking about strategy is one of the main reasons I want the rules left open… if you can do it in the game, you can do it in the race :slight_smile:

Bump for interest.
Still looking to run this in March next year.


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@Insidious_Sainthood Only the OP is allowed to bump threads, so please refrain from doing it again.

op can propose sort of race to win registration for the main race, like poker round,
if i participate a 50m race and can win a chance to enter the 600m ticket race, i think a lot of ppl try their luck!
also, capsulers can buy directly the 600m ticket to skip the preselection
in this case, i’m glady in!

Thank you for taking one for the team there…

Update to post below…

This is still very much a thing and throughout Jan I have been busy with Corp recruitment so haven’t updated but am now working on putting some “tweaks” to the route and hopefully getting a website up and running.

I will update again in a few days with more news (if I have any!) but currently feedback I have had is:

  • Buy in price is too high;
  • Buy in price is too low (actual words were “Naa mate, make it 10B to enter, get rid of the poors and make it proper winnings!”)
  • This is a scam; and
  • Na, I know this guy and he’s alright. Met him in Vegas and got wrecked! (not sure if this is feedback…?).

I have also received a lot of suggestions about how people would “improve” it but adding tasks for people to complete in systems or some other suggestion requiring participants to complete some sort of task.

Just want to reiterate, the only task the participants will be forced to complete to win is to visit the systems in the order provided. If I introduce rules, people will get round them and it will be very difficult for me to confirm this so the easiest way is not to have any rules. Also, this adds to the “Mad Max” feeling of the race.

Once I have a route planned I will be testing it by asking corp members (some very log-standing players so hopefully know all the tricks) to test it on SiSi… I will let you all know how that goes.

I will also (hopefully if RL life permits) be more aggressively advertising this and securing those donations I spoke with you about (like the 50B Prize Pool).

Still planning all and thanks for the support and challenges.

This isn’t the final route and you can’t see systems so don’t mind posting but I’m thinking something like this:

+270 jumps (slow-boating), +30 checkpoint systems((24%HS/55%LS/21%NS) with lots of potential for content.

It would be nice, but I am running this with a skeleton crew and while I love the idea, this is something I have given thought to already actually but on a much larger scale.

An event like this will hopefully generate a lot of content and give pilots the chance to plan, scheme and whatever else they want to try and win or ruin it for those partaking.

I was actually hoping that eventually, this event would garner enough trust to charge upwards of 1B ISK per entry ticket to really get the prize pool up in the triple figures (imagine winning a share of 100B just for playing the game!) but also to act as a bit pf prestige for those that won… similar to bragging rights for the Alliance Tournament.

The next stage of that is then for other people to run their own races, either in the same format or with their own spin and rules for victory. I would then run a similar programme whereby ticket prices would still be high at 1B or even higher, and pilots could pay and enter but winning one of the smaller races would allow for free entry for 1/2/3 (etc) pilots from the winning Corp etc… or something like that… but tl’dr, I need to get this one off the ground first and build up trust so people want to participate so while a valid idea, I wont be doing that this time around.

Good shout though… and already considered :wink: