New Eden Gauntlet

I was thinking it would be interesting to have a contest where the teams have to circum-navigate all of New Eden by only going through nullsec. Maybe have rules where they can’t dock and they have to carry supplies with them in haulers. Alliances can attack teams that enter their territory.

Just a random thought lol

This is a sandbox. Start organizing and make it happen.

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Pretty much this.

Player-organised content is going to be more original, more varied, and more entertaining than what CCP can put on.

Work out a set of rules for the contest. Think about how people can break them. Modify the rules accordingly.

Pick a datetime to run the event. Schedule it in EU or US primetime to get the most people attending.

Advertise on the forum, Reddit, and in Jita. Seek out sponsors for the event - I imagine groups that own market-citadels would be interested in you advertising for them. Use the sponsorship to award prizes. See if any of the big Eve news sites will pick up the story.

Hype the ■■■■ out of the event.

Watch the chaos and violence unfold.

Then quietly walk away with all the sponsorship prizes and ISK. Make a new account, transfer all your assets and SP, then start life anew.

Would be pretty simple to set up as others suggested.

Courier contracts could represent individual legs of the race. You’d need someone to tail them in cepters to watch and make sure they don’t get titan bridged.

And while they’re busy wasting their time, as others have suggested, you walk away with the isk.