VR / Simulation Fights & Tournaments

Most of the pilots in new eden know of, or have heard about the alliance tournaments. This is an idea seperate from the tournament but where some of the same rules apply. This will give capsuleers that can’t or for some reasons dont have the opportunity to join these fights the chance to try true pvp fights. Give them the posibility to practice and get better in the pvp part of eve online.

I’m thinking that like in the alliance tournament there should be a point system for ships and different ship classes. You sign up up for a simulation tournament in specific NPC stations or maybe at a specific stargate in high- / low- or null-sec. These stargates would be where you should be ready when the tournament you signed up for starts.

The carrot for CCP could be more trading of plex. Each player would pay a few plex for signing up for the tournament. Or maybe pay plex accourding to the shiptype/class they wanna participate in. In case some ppl dont show up for the tournament or some looses connection you could have ppl that also signed up as backseat casuleer.

Maybe you could have someone signing up as FC, who then can pick shiptypes and fits for the players joining that team. It could also be players themselves who fit their own (within their skillpoints ofc) and fill up the team.

These simulation fights could take place once a month for instance. Just for starters at least. To see how many players will join and to see how to set it up. If enough players sign up, it could be 3 small tournaments. One in every major time-zone. And now that ppl pay’d plex to sign up, there could be some rewards for the best teams.

Why I call it simulation or VR fights is because in this tournament you pay plex to sign up but the ships and modules are free. Maybe even restricted to meta and tech II modules. The idea is to get everyone the opportunity to practice and participate in real pvp-fights.

If, lets say an FC makes the whole team an FC could join for free, because its hard work and a risk cuz you dont know who signs up with you.

Some constructive feedback from fellow capsuleers or dev-team would be appreciated :slight_smile: I think this would be a cewl feature for Eve Online. A chance to try fair pvp fights, cuz fair fights dont really exist in null :wink:

-1 EVE is your arena.

The AT actually risks real ships. So no.

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