Create pvp arena

**o7 to you all I have an idea to create a space arena
the arena will be on CATEGORY ex (T1 fregate,T1 distro etc)
the participants will pay a registration fee from 1m-100b depending on CATEGORY of ship will be use in combat the winer will take 1.9, sportsbook will take 1, loser will take 0
and if ccp is agreeable, we can hold bets on the participants
we can create teams like football, overwatch, etc

please submit your opinion on this subject

And cpp if you give your opinion on this idea


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Google “EVE Online forums arena

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Sounds like a great idea, but you already knew I was on side! :smiley:

Count me in as an investor!

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ty i will

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Try posting your ideas into Features & Ideas, which is the appropriate forum section for it.

You’re likely only going to get trolled when you post it in the wrong section like here in GD.

To the topic… EVE is already one huge arena, and having an arena in an arena seems a bit silly. Of course can one already have their own duels and so it doesn’t need more than this to have matches. You should be able to host them already. When enough people come and participate then it might become interesting to add more to it.

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Why? Why would I ever use such an arena?

BTW, teams are called corps / alliances here in EvE.

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Communications Center > General Discussion if the idea appears positively here, the next step will be Features & Ideas
and normal normal fight you get only kill mail in my arena you get and isk as a prize

ty for your opinion

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Like I said, you can already have that. What is it in your opinion that’s missing?

to show your Corp >Alliance>Coalition is the best in the eve universe best solo pilots

ty for your opinion

There is no such thing as a best pilot in EVE. Only many opinions as to who is the best pilot.

There are killboards showing that already. Also regarding the comment above, you not only get the killmail, you also get the loot (ISK). I still see no point of arenas in an arena.

i just want to crate content for small corp solo players end small alliance not all can participate in null sec wars

Again, you can already have that.

All you need to do is to advertise it. You’re the host, you make the rules and you take the bets and hand out the winnings.

What else do you need?

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so you guys support the idea or you say is a bad one?

You can create your own arena any time and anywhere you like already.

No, I don’t support it, because I don’t need an arena.

I’m however not against the suggestion itself, only you don’t seem to realize that we can already have it. In fact did the duel system include betting until recently (and before CCP took it out, probably because nobody was using it). You still can organize duels however and make up your rules as you see fit and take bets. I then would like to know what you think is missing or holding you back from organizing duels. Is it that you need a CCP staff member to do it or what’s your point?

Simply start it as an event and announce it here: In-Game Events

Good. Then create it. You can already do that.

Or do you want the devs to create something for you?

Because that would be a big difference.

You guys are so off the charts here, obviously I am the best pilot in EVE! /thread



This is totally redundant. There already is a PvP arena; it’s called “Undock”. If you want a little more formal, and a little more “CATEGORY” vs “CATEGORY” then try FW. If you want something a little more affirmative, try wardec and/or nullsec, and or lowsec. Why in New Eden are you trying to add something to the game that the game already IS like 80%?
AFAIU betting is expressly prohibited. I’m not clear on the details, but I’m sure you can find them around.
This idea sounds like it’s made of pot smoke.

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I think it is a horrible idea. EVE is a PvP sandbox not an arena style game. There are already games that do what you want, why not play one of those than try to tag a completely foreign minigame to EVEs side.

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