PvP Arena

o7 to you all I have an idea to create a space arena
the arena will be on CATEGORY ex (T1 fregate,T1 distro etc)
the participants will pay a registration fee from 1m-100b depending on CATEGORY of ship will be use in combat the winer will take 1.9, sportsbook will take 1, loser will take 0
and if ccp is agreeable, we can hold bets on the participants
we can create teams like football, overwatch, etc

please submit your opinion on this subject

And cpp if you give your opinion on this idea


I always thought Faction Warfare provided an arena style option already with the complexes and their size restrictions.

It does.

OP, if you want to run competitive tournament then just do it. People have been doing so since the servers went live and this is a grand sandbox where that is easily possible.

But if you want some magic safe space to apart from the game it isn’t going to happen. For better or worse, we are all in New Eden together and there is no room for safe space where you get to determine who enters, at least not without using ships and guns in game.

Why did you create another thread about the same thing? @ISD can move them which appears they already did.

On topic EVE is a giant arena, so you got your wish.

I was sure I had already responded to this, now I see what happened.

On the idea NO -1; again

on one hand you’re right, on the other i get where he’s coming from. Oreb’s statement that facwar is what he’s described isn’t true in that the complexes control what shows up, but not very well. we don’t even know what kind of work this guy has put in either since i can’t find this toon on Zkill, but i heavily doubt you could find a satisfying fight, win or lose.

You take what you can get and fly smart. The plexes definitely do create a clear idea on what can come into you. Use them to your advantage. Why do you want to build a little wall inside the sandbox to suit your own expectations, rather than adapt to the possible outcomes of a better and unpredictable environment.

if the skiddos want a little spot to maybe adjust fits or whatnot somewhere in Highsec, why should we stop them?

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