Alliance tournament Style PVP

So having a corp chat and thought ocurred to me . CCP could do a pvp arena system where teams could register then fight in small fleets. The fleet comps could be like like the alliance tournament which were points based. Also could have the same hull restrictions. There could be a rankings board for these teams. The only reward is what you loot

Procedure would be

1 - Dock up in a npc structure
2 - get in ships
3 - Fleet up and boss initiates queing
4 - once a enemy team is found both teams get bridged from the structure hanger into the pvp arena instance
5 - timer like abyssl space , which when its gets zero the team with most points wins
5 - the loosing teams gets teleported out in pods or ships
6 - The winning team gets a few minutes to loot the field

Could be a good isk sink that enables small gang warfare that hardcore element of pvpers are crying out for . Also create a stream for anyone that wants to watch these fights on twitch .


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Isn’t going to happen. You can host your own arenas if you wish and figure out the logistics yourself.

Hell no,

the last thing EvE needs is even more instanced crap. This kind of stuff does not belong into a sandbox.

While I was always a fan of the alliance tournament as a yearly big event, controlled by CCP… giving people tools to isolate themselves from the sandbox is pure poison for the game.

You already have the option to start your own private tournaments within the sandbox. Many people including myself have done it before in form of public tournaments, or in my case tournaments within corpations I was in.

Splitting up the playerbase and giving them options to isolate themselves from the actual game world is only going to add to the already existing lack of interaction between the actual sandbox players.

Also: Ships getting destroyed is not an ISK sink. Destruction in the game does not remove ISK from the economy, it generates ISK out of thin air in the form of insurance payouts. Personal losses are not an ISK sink.

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Can you explain how this is an ISK sink?

This sounds pointless, don’t they have that thunderdome server that’s optional? Two boys enter, one trans leaves? I don’t know, something they made up for friends of the ISD’s? I have no prejudice towards transexual people. (Disclaimer)

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No, ■■■■ off.


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