Something easy to code/add that adds value, pvp, pve and more

Arena in the abyss! for each class of ship. Each match is broadcast that you can watch in station!

also have levels skills. for rookies, buy in could be like 1million isk to enter. top guns would be like 100mil. Winner takes 75% of the pot, 2nd 20% and 3rd place takes 5%.

Limit 16 players per arena, so you have 5 10min round. 1st round, reduce to 8 players, next 4, etc.

at the start, this would be limited to 1v1 but after they fix all the kinks, can scale it up to 2v2 or 3v3.

different types of arena for poors like limited to t2, no implants to ballers where everything goes.

has this been done before? See any problem?

another more difficult thing to creat would be a dungeon style 16vs16 or 32vs32 where you have to kill battleships group or carrier/titan group to win similar to wow battlegrounds.

CCP stopped proving grounds you know that right?

The largest problem is that they didn’t know how to handle multi boxers abusing the queue system.
People also really didn’t like it much and it didn’t take hold.

i haven’t played in years, but i saw they created abyss, instanced space. What was proving grounds? Is it 1v1? any rewards?

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So, proving grounds was an area. Sometimes it was 1v1 sometimes it was FFA etc. CCP made the rules and there were good prizes. SP/ISK/skins It’s still on the Neocom for you to see.

People really just didn’t like a queue system in EVE. Noone really played it. CCP eventually just stopped creating new proving ground events, so it just sits there today.

Now you know. :slight_smile:

thanks for the info.

how about a simulation room! Where you get to test your ship fits in real time but instead of buying stuff in jita, you pay access to sim room to fly say a t1 frigate with t2 items, 15mils for 10million isk! Or simulate a titan for 1billion isk, 1hour…now that test server is not available…

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Never know what the devs might do. Welcome back and enjoy 2023 EVE ^^

I would say there is this thing called Sisi, but that isn’t an option rn

EVE does not need instanced PVP.

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